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Consulting Projects

2018 Consulting Fees Study

I’m excited to share the results of our 2018 Consulting Fees Study with you. Before I provide you with all the details and results — I’ll also tell you about a funny story. A bit of background first. Each year we poll our list of consultants. With over 33,000 consultants getting our regular emails, it’s …

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How to Write a White Paper That Wins Consulting Projects: Interview with Gordon Graham

  Interview Transcript: Mike Zipursky:  Hi, everyone. It’s Michael Zipursky from Consulting Success®. Today, Gordon Graham, we have him on the show. He’s a white paper writer and consultant. He’s worked with Google, Oracle, Intuit among many other Fortune 500 companies. He’s interviewed over 200  C-level executives and written over 170 white papers. Gordon is …

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3.5 Tips to Drive Project Success

Have you ever been on a project which slowly drifted out of control? You knew the clients were unhappy, you kept working harder and delivering more, but despite your best efforts the project ended in a grinding, wrenching train wreck? Most of us have been there, and it’s never fun!  There are lots of reasons …

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