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consulting services

Selling $7 Million In Consulting Services Within 12 Months with Shannon Adkins: Podcast #61

For the ten years being in industry, Shannon Adkins was a buyer of consulting services and of multimillion-dollar contracts of consulting services. Shannon is the president and CEO of Future State Inc., a management consulting firm that brings change management and operational transformation expertise to global enterprises in the life sciences, healthcare and technology industries. …

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How To Sell Yourself As A Consultant: 37 Ways To Present Your Services (Without Looking Like A Rookie)

“How do I sell myself as a consultant?”  Nobody wants to look like a rookie. But if you’re… Unprepared Don’t have a core message Are unfocused with your marketing …then you risk looking like an amateur to your potential consulting clients. How To Sell Yourself As A Consultant I’ve seen many consultants waste money trying …

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