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Consulting Skills

Becoming a Consultant: What Matters Most

If you’re thinking about becoming a consultant or becoming a better consultant there are three keys that will get you there. I’m not talking about marketing or earning higher consulting fees. This isn’t about how you write your proposals or structure or productize your service offerings. If you want to BE a great consultant you must …

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Effective Leadership Skills for Independent Business Consultants

Effective leadership skills are vital to the success of independent consultants due to the nature of their role within an organization. Consultants are outsiders to the organization and they almost always create change within an organization. Most people inherently resist change, particularly when it is initiated from the outside, due to fear, uncertainty, territorialism, or …

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What Are You Great At?

The title of this article is a critical question not enough of us ask ourselves. “What are you great at?” Each of us has a strength. Some area that we excel in. Whether it’s a natural ability or one that we’ve developed over time. We all possess it. While you might find this question simplistic, …

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Reading Your Way to the Top

The day I picked up my first book my life changed for the better. Growing up my whole life was about sports. I played baseball, soccer, rugby, track and field and a bit of basketball. Books? No thank you. They were my enemy. I’d do whatever I could to get out of reading books in …

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