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Consulting Success

How To Win Consulting Sales Using Visual Models with Simon Bowen: Podcast #153

Why is the visual side more compelling? In this episode, Simon Bowen, Creator of The Models Method, joins Michael Zipursky as they talk about improving sales and helping businesses communicate a winning strategy by using visual thinking and models. From a career in electronics to developing models, Simon shares his journey to becoming the Models …

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The Real Shortcut to Consulting Success

Transcript: I want to talk about a shortcut to success, and I want to share this with you because I believe that a lot of people these days are looking for a shortcut to success. They’re looking for the secret to create more fame, to create more riches, to create just greater levels of success …

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How To Transform Your Consulting Business and Achieve Consistent and Greater Growth – Podcast #20

On this episode we’re switching gears to talk about my newest book. The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income and Achieve Meaningful Success was recently released and today I want to share with you a glimpse of what’s inside. This book is full of principles — all proven …

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Stefan Drew on The Magic of Specializing So You Can Turn Requests for Work Away: Podcast #7

My guest on this episode is UK-based consultant Stefan Drew, who is also known as the Marketing Magician. He works mainly in the education sector, but he has a wide breadth of experience — from international environmental organizations and national membership organizations to web design for local companies. He is known for producing great ideas …

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