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Getting More Clients

Asking for Referrals: How It’s Really Done

Most consultants misunderstand the referral process. You see, there are two kinds of referrals: a) The ones you initiate; b) The ones that come to you. The vast majority of people think about referrals as the ones that come to you. That’s fine if you’re business is well-established, you have a pipeline full of business …

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Clients Want “Out”, Not “In”

When you’re talking about what you do, or when a client wants to know how you can help them, think output, not input. Consultants often make the mistake of thinking about (and as a result talking about) what they do instead of what the end result they produce. If you want to connect with your …

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5 Steps to Get Your First Consulting Client

Today I’m answering two consulting questions I received as part of the “Ask Michael” series: “Hi Michael. You’re advising someone starting out in consulting who has some expertise, but nobody knows it. What would be the three biggest impact actions they could take that would likely result in them attaining a first client and/or a …

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7 Tips on How to Sell Services to Existing Clients

When consultants think about growing their practice, most lean towards client acquisition. While there’s no arguing that attracting and landing new consulting clients will be a critical factor in your success. There is however an often forgotten and more profitable option to grow your consulting business – selling more to your existing clients. Asking your …

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