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Building The Ideal Company Culture With HR Consultants Erin Mies & Kristen Ireland: Podcast #163

Company culture is at its most pronounced state in the cofounding pair. With nothing to serve as a buffer between the two different personalities, it is a culture that either works or doesn’t. Happily enough, it works out pretty well for Erin Mies and Kristen Ireland, HR consultants at People Spark Consulting. In fact, one could …

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Creating Growth And Competitive Advantage In Consulting with Rita McGrath: Podcast #82

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or simply running a small team, having an entrepreneurial mindset is so important. Author, speaker, and consultant Rita McGrath says constantly looking at where your next opportunities are coming from and making sure you’re up to date and fresh is what the entrepreneurial mindset is all about, …

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2015 Into 2016

The early morning sun is beaming through the coffee shop windows. Looks like I’m the first customer of the day. It’s quiet and the tables are empty. I got up early after a late night of back to back meetings last night downtown. Hit the gym and over to a local coffee shop. I’m looking …

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