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Increase Consulting Fees

3 Tips to Increase Your Consulting Fees

Would you like to increase your consulting income? Well, the fastest way to make that happen is to increase your fees. You can learn how to convert more buyers with and effective sales conversation. And you can discover how to attract more consulting clients with a proven marketing system and process. But my friend, hands ... Read More

5 Keys to Increase Consulting Fees

“I don’t have the money to hire another employee” said the caller on the other line. I was speaking with a consulting firm owner from Jamaica. Would you prefer to work with more clients making less per project? Or fewer clients paying you more? If you’re like most consultants you opted for the second option. …

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3 Steps to Increase Your Speaker Fees

  There is a simple and highly effective way to increase your fees as a speaker. First let me share a story with you. Several years ago I was asked by a large bank to talk to 30 of their private business clients. These were all business owners. Some owned spas, others printing companies, accounting …

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