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Marketing a Consulting Business

Consultant Vs Contractor: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between a consultant vs contractor? A consultant can function as a contractor which means they are brought in to do specific work for that client. But, in most cases, they are only working with one client at a time. However, a consultant can also be an entrepreneurial consultant. An entrepreneurial consultant doesn’t …

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Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds

Michael was recently featured on Sales For Nerds. You can listen to it here: Michael Zipursky on Sales For Nerds “Marketing” and “sales” are dirty words to many consultants. If you’re like most consultants, you think of yourself as a technician. You win new business by providing an excellent service. Not by “marketing” and “selling.” After …

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How to Become An Elite Consultant And Attract More Clients: Michael Zipursky Featured On Smashing The Plateau Podcast

Michael was recently featured on the Smashing the Plateau Podcast, which you can listen to here: How Elite Consultants Can Attract More Clients with Michael Zipursky Attracting clients requires you to market your consulting business in a way that guarantees you have more conversations with your prospects. It’s important that you’re able to do this on …

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4 Steps To Specializing Your Consulting Sales and Marketing Techniques with Perry Marshall: Podcast #30

Protect your business with your network, your niche, and your mindset. Description: Today I’m very excited to be joined by Perry Marshall. Perry is the author of several fantastic sales and marketing books and splits his time between higher-end client work and equity in companies as well as his science and technology project Evolution 2.0. …

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Michael Zipursky on Business Innovators Network

Michael was recently featured on the Business Innovators Network, which you can listen to here: Michael Zipursky on Business Innovators Network  To acheive true success, there are two components: confidence and competence. You need to know you can do something — and then you need to do it, which is what gives you confidence. Once you know how …

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