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Positioning Your Consulting Firm for Success with Charles Demontigny: Podcast #175

As a consulting firm, how can you differentiate yourself and stand out from the noise to attract your ideal clients? Charles Demontigny, the founder of Fluxion, has some great nuggets of wisdom for you in this episode. Sitting down with Michael Zipursky, he shares his career journey with us—from leaving a company that got acquired to starting …

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Leading Sales Expert Shares How to Sell More And Feel Good About It with Anthony Iannarino: Podcast #79

We all want to elevate our brand and get to that next level of success. Anthony Iannarino, coach, consultant, and entrepreneur, believes that everyone has greater potential to make a difference. Over the last few years, Anthony’s brand has grown significantly. He shares how you can sell more and also take your brand to the …

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How To Sell Consulting Services With Craig Wortmann: Podcast #50

Growing portfolio companies must focus on their sales, messaging, and go-to-market. Craig Wortmann of Sales Engine consulting reveals how to sell consulting services and the key to sell more: networking. People may roll their eyes, but it’s true! Networking is all about prepping beforehand, being crisp, articulate, compelling, and magnetic in the moment, with unbelievable follow-through. Try …

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Persuasion for Consultants: Book Review

Arlene Dickinson’s story could be called one of Rags to Riches. The co-star of one of Canada’s most popular TV shows, Dragons Den (the equivalent America’s Shark Tank), has gone from living a life of desperation to one of glamour and fame. Her journey, and indeed it was one, contains more than luck and being …

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