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setting fees

7 Ways to Increase Your Consulting Fees

Increasing your consulting fees is one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn more. But it needs to be done right. The more ‘new’ value you provide to your clients with the price increase, the less objections you’ll face. Many consultants experience paralysis around this topic. The idea of losing customers as a result …

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Consulting Fees: How Should You Package Yours?

A consultant is someone who, when asked a question, provides an answer and recommends action. In simple terms, they recommend or even tell people what to do. The role of a consultant is to provide advice geared at solving problems or geared to the consulting client taking advantage of an opportunity. The Consultants Role The …

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Calculating Your Consulting Fee & Rate

We get a lot of questions from readers and people new to the consulting community about how to best set their fees. We created the Consulting Fees & Pricing Guide to provide in-depth steps and guidance to help people make the most money from the consulting work they do. And to help you get a …

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