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Starting Consulting Business

Consulting Associations List and Websites

Just the other day I got another email from a blog reader that is starting a consulting business asking what consulting associations I would recommend. This all depends on your location, what you are looking to get out of it (certification, networking, etc), your budget and so on. So instead of making a recommendation (which ... Read More

Using Online Marketplaces to Generate Income

I have no idea who created this video but if you’ve ever wondered about offering your consulting services through,, or any other online marketplace, this video does a pretty good job at outlining the benefits. The author won’t reveal his whole method, seems like he stops at part three, and maybe his …

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Top Reasons to Start a Consulting Business

Choosing to start a consulting business could change your future, for several reasons. Business owners often seek the assistance of a knowledgeable professional to get their venture off the ground, improve sales, build a stronger client base, or fine-tune struggling marketing efforts. Whether or not you’re already involved in the field, there are a variety …

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3 Tips to Start a Consulting Business

In this video Josh Feinberg provides 3 tips to help you start a consulting business. This video is geared towards IT or computer consulting but the principles can be applied to any consulting field. Here’s the summary: Consulting is as much about people skills as it is about technical ones. Don’t worry too much about …

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Managing a Consulting Project

So you’re embarking on a new consulting project. While securing a new client is great, the project itself can prove to be disastrous if you don’t take a few precautionary measures, particularly if you have just recently started a consulting business. Quite often, working relationships fall apart as the result of miscommunication, or worse, total …

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