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Positioning Your Consulting Firm for Success with Charles Demontigny: Podcast #175

As a consulting firm, how can you differentiate yourself and stand out from the noise to attract your ideal clients? Charles Demontigny, the founder of Fluxion, has some great nuggets of wisdom for you in this episode. Sitting down with Michael Zipursky, he shares his career journey with us—from leaving a company that got acquired to starting …

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Publishing Articles To Grow Your Consulting Business with Ryan Gottfredson: Podcast #92

Our mindsets are the foundation of our thinking, learning, and behavior. Awakening our mindsets will empower us to improve and enhance our success. Ryan Gottfredson, a Professor at CSU-Fullerton and Mindset Consultant, dives deep and gather his wisdom on how mindset works and applies to everything. Ryan shares how he categorizes the types of organizations …

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Michael’s New Book: The Elite Consulting Mind

Michael’s new book, The Elite Consulting Mind, has just been published. It’s available at a significant discount on Amazon in paperback and Kindle here: GET THE BOOK Michael explains why he wrote the book and what it’s all about… Get the Book (Discounted Price) Whether you’re just getting into consulting or you’re a seasoned consulting …

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How to Capitalize on Your Setbacks to Propel You Toward Success with Mitch Russo: Podcast #8

Mitch Russo is a certification business model expert who specializes in working with companies that are looking to quickly grow substantially in size. He understands that making small, calculated shifts in your thinking can change everything for your business and your success. This is a lesson Mitch learned when his career took a sudden turn …

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A Warning To Those Choosing Money Over Love

Should you choose money over love? I’ve had several conversations with business owners in the last few weeks, and there’s a dangerous common theme that keeps coming up. Both those who have ‘made it’ and run successful businesses — as well as those just getting started — are gambling with their most precious resource: their …

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