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Taking Action

Michael Zipursky Featured on Quit Bleeping Around

Michael was recently featured on Quit Bleeping Around Podcast. You can listen to it here: Taking Action with Michael Zipursky When I think about the most successful consultants, I think of consultants who don’t fear taking action. Elite consultants spend more time learning — and even more time taking action. To reach your full potential, you must …

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How to Put Your Value Proposition to Work

It’s Michael Zipursky from Hope you’re having a wonderful day. My clients hear me use the phrase, “Imperfect action,” quite often. It’s something that I say a lot, because I’m a big believer in it, and I’ve seen firsthand in my business and in so many client businesses, the profound positive impact that it …

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Landing a $450,000 Consulting Project

The greatest success comes from consistently working towards your goals. Taking the right actions without deviating from the plan. Have you ever found yourself starting on a project or initiative only to deviate from it? It’s time that you commit. It’s time to take some serious action. Do you see yourself jumping from one shiny …

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