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Win Projects Within Your Network

Michael Zipursky on Drive for Success

Michael was recently featured on On The Schmooze Podcast. You can listen to it here: Michael Zipursky on On The Schmooze What makes an effective leader? No matter what field you’re in, if you’re known as a leader, you’ll command respect. People will line up to work with you and do things for you. It’s great …

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How to Become a Nonprofit Consultant with Elizabeth Woolfe: Podcast #26

The importance of trusting your motivation, developing habits of effective networking and capitalizing on your strengths to find greater success as a nonprofit consultant. Description: In today’s episode, I’m joined by Elizabeth Woolfe, a passionate consultant with a focus on nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. There is a common misconception in the consulting world …

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Less Marketing, More Consulting — How To Win Projects Within Your Network with Stuart Friedman: Podcast #19

For every business, it is the network that is the biggest marketing tool used for it to scale. Adding communication, resource alignment and trust within the organization to the strategy helps it grow even further. But when companies get all of these factors in and don’t know what the next step is, Stuart Freidman of …

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