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The Value of ‘Team’ at Your Consulting Firm

If your consulting firm’s collective intellectual assets are at the core of your value, it only makes sense that keeping your team together is one of your top priorities. Regardless of the size of your consulting business, every consultant must be considered part of the firm’s culture.

Successful consulting companies spend time and money on training and have specific marketing goals. The reality is that clients are easier to find than solid consultants who contribute to your culture and increase your firm’s intellectual value. Successful businesses groom their workforce, provide a dynamic work environment and provide plenty of incentives. Not only should your consultancy’s culture encourage success, it should reward it and discourage turnover.

Disgruntled employees who leave the firm cause repercussions. They take a part of your culture with them. Their departure can impact good employees and open a leak in the dam. Departing employees can also adversely affect client relationships.

Every consulting firm experiences some turnover. Make sure you have policies that clearly detail the departure procedures and that protect your culture. Business consultants who like their environment and agree with the culture will not want to leave. The stronger the attraction is, the higher the profits will be and all parties will be happy and work hard together.


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