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The ACTION Approach to Growing Your Consulting Business

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Today, let’s talk about information overload.

However, just learning more doesn’t ensure that you will actually be successful

Information overload affects far too many consultants. People often believe the more information they have the more successful they will be, and yet this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Success Is About Action

The more action you take the more successful you will be – but not just any action: the right action. With that in mind, learning is good. The more you learn, the more that you know, and that presents you with more and greater possibilities.

However, just learning more doesn’t ensure that you will actually be successful; what you want to do is learn more of the right information and then apply that information. And that’s where the action comes in. Learning by itself isn’t what is going to make you successful. It’s about learning the right things and then applying those right things and taking action on them that will actually make you successful.

The most successful people I know are always learning – but they’re also always taking action.

Implement What You’ve Learned

When I hear from consultants – and I’ve heard this many times – they say, “Michael, I’ve been taking all these different types of programs for X number of years.”  Or, “I’ve been doing this for five years, for nine years, for three years,” et cetera. They’ve been taking courses, reading books; they’ve been learning and learning and learning. Every new product that comes out they try and jump on, thinking that learning more will help them to be successful that learning this new tactic or this new strategy will make them successful.

I can tell you that that’s not the case.

Simply learning something new or even learning something old is not going to make you successful. It’s only when you apply or when you implement what you’ve learned. If you’re looking and thinking about your own situation right now and you’ve taken many courses or you’ve tried a lot of different things, you’ve consumed a lot of information but you still aren’t seeing the level of success that you want, then give it some thought and be really honest with yourself:

Maybe the problem isn’t the information. Maybe it’s you.

You Guarantee Your Own Success

Maybe you’ve been spending too much time learning and not enough time implementing. I really want to encourage you and offer the idea to you that you should always be learning and always be learning the right information that can actually help grow your business in your specific situation –also that you apply that information. It is your responsibility to apply.

The most successful people I know are always learning – but they’re also always taking action.

If you’re reading a book or attending a seminar or going through a coaching program or having a coach, all of those – the author, the speaker, the coach – they cannot guarantee your success. Only you can guarantee your success. They can only do their best to help you and present you with information, a path and direction and recommendations that then have to implement. If done correctly, you’ll see greater results, but it’s you that needs to do the doing.

You need to take action.

I want to leave you with that thought. Look at what you’ve learned and maybe ask yourself these questions: Can I implement more? Have I been taking enough action on what I already know? I believe if you take more action, you’ll see greater results. I know that from working with hundreds of consultants all around the world in all different industries just this last year alone.

The most successful consultants are the ones that not only learn the right information and invest themselves into that, but also the ones that consistently apply what they’ve learned. I’ll leave you with that thought and wish you a great day.

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7 thoughts on “The ACTION Approach to Growing Your Consulting Business

  1. Ivan Košalko says:

    Michael, this was one of the most powerful insights I have seen. Thank you.

    • Awesome Ivan. I’m glad to hear that! Appreciate you and that you took time to share this.

  2. Carol West Bleyle says:

    Fabulous point. We also have to keep in mind that even though trainers and authors will tell you their advice is easy and foolproof, it’s not always obvious how to apply it in real life. We don’t expect to struggle, fail, and adjust after learning a “foolproof” method, so when we hit the first bump, we figure that method didn’t work, and we go on to the next one. So yes, take action but also accept that you’ll still feel uncertain, uncomfortable and confused when you do, regardless of how great that course was.

    • Great share Carol. It’s so important to stay intentional and focused and not let bumps in the road take you off course.

  3. Great post and I have been guilty in the past of staying in the learning phase and not implementing. I agree it’s very important that you not only absorb the material but apply it as well. Looking forward to reading more

  4. Great post and I use to be guilty of just being in the learning phase. But, you’re right… you must implement what you learn. It wasn’t until I started to do this that I begin to see forward progression. Thanks for the awesome post 🙂

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