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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Your Marketing

Many business owners and consultants experience periods of feast followed by famine. The main cause of this completely unnecessary situation is a lack of consistent marketing.

Marketing done on a consistent basis wins every time in comparison to random spurts of marketing activity.

If you wait until you need clients to start marketing, it’s too late.

There’s a way to solve this problem once and for all.

First you need to analyze your marketing activities and find out what the most effective actions are.

To do this simple write down all of your marketing activities and create columns to the right of each activity for: time, investment, and return. Then fill in the information across the columns for each activity.

Then see which activities are bringing you the highest return on investment (the most clients or projects for the least amount of time and money).

Once you know what works the best, do more of that. I know this may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many business owners don’t track the effectiveness of their marketing.

This exercise will also help you spot activities that are not effective so you can stop doing them which will give you more time to spend on the ones that do work.

Once you know what works, make a list of each activity and how many hours are needed to complete each one. Then schedule your marketing activities in your agenda, otherwise they will not get done.

Different people work in different ways. Maybe you’re the type of person who enjoys doing a little bit of marketing every day. Or perhaps you work like to do marketing activities in a block of time, say a half of day every week.

You know yourself better than anyone, so create a plan that is realistic that you know you can, and will, do.

It’s a simple process and it’s not always easy because it does take discipline and determination.

By continuously marketing your business you will have a steady stream of clients. And you won’t have to worry anymore about what the future holds.

Set aside a few hours in the coming days and have a critical look at your marketing activities and get your plan together. Stick to what’s working and increase the volume on those activities. And then relax knowing that you’re building a sustainable business.

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13 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Your Marketing

  1. This is one of the easiest traps to fall into in any business. We get busy busy busy and forget to keep marketing. I’m equally at fault!

    Thanks for the info on creating a standard marketing plan and sticking to it.

  2. Jason says:

    This is really a great article and puts much into perspective and makes me think. Thank you!

  3. Thank you Carlos, Goke, and Jason for your feedback. Consistency rules with marketing!

  4. Kathleen Ann says:

    Great tips Stephanie but it’s equally important to be saying and doing the right things out in the marketplace and that’s where I find a lot of biz owners and consultants stumble. They are ‘doing’ their marketing but often blame the activity for lack of results when it’s often the communication and marketing messages that are missing the mark.

  5. Berry Zimmerman says:

    Stephanie, this is a great conversation starter. In addition to “consistency,” I would add “frequency” and “persistency” (Is that a word?). Delivering a consistent message to your perfect prospects, and doing it frequently, is much more effective than the polar opposite. Persistence and discipline are the cure for “random acts of marketing.” I like to think marketing is like an electro-magnet.

    An electro-magnet requires power to energize the magnet. Turn off the power and the electro-magnet loses its purpose. Similarly, attracting perfect prospects (marketing) requires up-front and constant energy to be effective – consistent, persistent and focused energy.

    • Love your add Barry! Persistence is one of my favorite qualities, discipline isn’t bad either. Your magnet metaphor is spot on, thank you for sharing.

  6. It’s so true. I’m a small business marketing consultant and even I fall trap to this, although I give me clients grief for doing the same thing!

  7. Great point Kathleen, you must have an effective message to begin with. Sorry for the delay in my response, I didn’t get a notification of the comments.

  8. Funny how that works Senay, we are all vulnerable to this pitfall. Awareness is the first step, wishing you all the best.

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