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The Blitz Model to Sales Consulting: Interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf

How does someone in sales go from working as an employee to starting her own sales consulting firm and generating over $1Million in revenue?

In this interview you’ll learn from Andrea Sittig-Rolf, the president and founder of BlitzMasters.

Andrea’s clients include HP,, Office Depot and many others.

How to set the appointment and fill your pipeline with leads in just one day.

Enjoy the interview:

(Listening time: 29 mins)
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Just some of what you’ll hear Andrea share in this interview:

  • How she started and grew her business
  • Her approach to dealing with the challenges all business owners face
  • How to get past the gatekeeper when you’re making sales calls
  • Whether to leave a voicemail or not, plus a super powerful voicemail strategy
  • And much more .

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5 thoughts on “The Blitz Model to Sales Consulting: Interview with Andrea Sittig-Rolf

  1. Michael –

    This was a great interview with a lot of good tips. She clearly knows her stuff and provides great value for her clients.

    Transferring those skills over to the consulting industry is another matter, however.

    Most consultants are reluctant to cold call – not just because it’s intimidating and difficult to do (that’s part of it), but also because they don’t like the way it looks and feels.

    We would all prefer to have prospective clients call us from referrals, but if that’s not happening, then some type of outreach is needed – whether it’s the phone, the mail, advertising, articles or public speaking.

    The most interesting part of this, though, is the fact that she is able to deliver results while she’s still in the building. Most of us can’t do that, but you can see how appealing that would be to clients.

    Thanks Michael.

    • Bob – thanks for the thoughtful comment. Definitely, we can all learn from Andrea’s approach. Delivering real value “while still in the building” is such a great differentiating factor from what most consultants provide.

  2. Hey Michael

    This was an interesting interview with some good info. I’m still new to consulting and I’m still looking narrowing down to a more specific expertise. One thing that I learned is that along the way she developed systems that work which allowed for others to simply “copy/paste”. That’s Big…

    I used to work for Sears Roebuck and There all about sales even the little incident cashiers you would think just take your money are there to upsell you with Credit Cards, Rewards, or Accessories.

    As I was working there we had to open a certain # of credit card applications. After doing it for so long you learn that Success can be broken down into simple mathematical systems which you can later sell, coach, or train.

    • Zahib – you’ve made a very important observation which is critical for anyone that wants to scale their business. Building up a consulting business, creating systems around it, and then finding ways to delegate parts of it to others is a path all consultants should consider as it can result in great benefits. Thanks for sharing and for the comment!

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