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The Consultant’s Job: Value Creation


Here’s a consulting question I received as part of the “Ask Michael” series:

“When carrying out consulting services for a client that is known not to be a big spender though a highly profitable transnational company, how can I as a consultant to the firm, get a fair payment for a job well-done?”

The job of every consultant is to help clients find areas of inefficiency in their business. Places where money and resources aren’t being spent well.

And then helping the client shift those resources to areas where they will be more profitable.

Every client has a problem they want a solution for. They have a goal they want to achieve.

You need to show them how to reach their goal while providing as much value for them as possible.

If you focus on value for your consulting client, in most cases, they’ll be happy to shift more money to your project. It just has to make sense for them.

Your job is to show them how and why it does.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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