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The Curse of Salt and Pepper Marketing For Consultants

Maybe its because of the society we live in today. When you see ads online for “I made $3000 last month working only 2 hours at home in my pajamas” become more common than seeing someone reading a printed newspaper, there’s definitely something going on.

I have no problem with things going digital. I love technology. What I do have a problem with, and what I do find sad, is the number of people that expect things to just work instantly for them.

Consultants do some marketing, see that it’s not working and they give up, pack their bag and move onto the next thing that ‘has to work’ better for them because this one “clearly” didn’t.

It’s understandable.

These days information, one of the most valuable assets a person can attain, is freely available and accessible 24/7 at a click of the mouse.

The reality however, is that marketing successes are rarely instant.

Marketing requires continuous and consistent efforts.

Take the fact that the average number of ‘touches’ to turn a look warm prospect into a customer is seven. That’s 1-2-3-4-5-6-7!

Let’s look at a few common situations:

  • You run one ad and it doesn’t work and call it quits.
  • You send out an email and then make one follow up phone call. They are too busy to talk with you. You never contact them again.
  • You receive a request for information. You send that information yet never follow up to see how you can help the prospect.

These are just 3 of the many situations consultants find them in. And the unfortunate and most likely result is that no business gets booked.

Why? Because there was no on-going follow-up. No system. No campaign.
All of these are like taking some salt and pepper and shaking it blindly around your kitchen hoping that some of it will land in the frying pan. A little may…but most won’t.

Your marketing needs to be consistent. It needs to be tested and it needs to be coordinated.

When your marketing doesn’t produce the results you’re after, don’t give up and call it a day. Every failure (if you want to call it that) can be and should be turned into a lesson.

Ask yourself: What can be improved? Why didn’t that work? What can I change?

The more effort and focus you put on your marketing…the more you’ll get out of it!


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15 thoughts on “The Curse of Salt and Pepper Marketing For Consultants

  1. Lindsay Jessel says:

    I was just recently talking with another consultant about this issue. I find myself wanting to always try new things too. Need to stick to things more and push through. Great post!

    • Lindsay – thanks for the comment and great to hear you enjoyed the post.

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks Michael for this and all of the great message points you have passed on. I am starting up and the work invoved in getting the website up, the blog in order, social media links, e-mail messages, postcard marketing etc. is a monumentous task. I am meeting tonight to secure my first consulting/coaching contract, I am excited and this is our fourth conversation. I kept in touch.

    I also now know more than I ever initially wanted about marketing. Good stuff !!

    • Bill – congrats on your first client! Staying in touch and following up is so key in this business. Great job and thanks for the comment.

  3. Shelley Conway says:

    Great article! I appreciate that reminder to follow through and the need for 7 touches to change a warm prospect to a customer.

    Now . . . back to following up with perspective clients!

  4. Ben Edtl says:

    Michael, great article. Do you have any blogs on how best to set your fees?

  5. Kstyles says:

    Michael, I enjoyed the article and will certainly give it a, “like” but I did find the number of spelling and grammatical errors a touch distracting. Sorry.

  6. i just knew the secret spices for Marketing Consultants. This can be use in my daily work basis delivering IT Consultancy services.

  7. Sam says:

    Lovely article. I do this. Have alot of campaigns that ran briefly and then I moved on.

    Sam Kariuki

  8. Ronnie Perchik - PromoAid says:

    Your article resonated with me as just yesterday a consultant reached out to us for help with his client. As in your comments, the consultant was trying to determine multiple ways for his client to reach their target audience and after exhausting his Rolodex, he reached out for help.

    Per your comments on consistent, coordinated and tested marketing, consultants (and marketers in general) need to follow that path. I would also add that they need to understand all options available for success, and not rely solely on their go-to resources.

  9. Inspiring post! Reminds me to keep going and not give up

  10. Hi Mike

    I am quite happy that consultants come and go after not getting instant results – it makes life so much easier for us that have a follow up process 🙂

  11. Emerald Taylor says:

    This is an article that I am just now able to read. But I find it quite helpful. Giving up is the easy way out .. you will never know the outcome of anything if you continue to give up. Thanks for the article

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