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The Expert Myth: How Looking Up Can Hold You Back

By Michael Zipursky

I personally speak with hundreds of consultants each year.

That becomes hundreds of hours of conversations.

And I LOVE it.

I get to hear first-hand the latest stories, challenges, goals, what’s working and what isn’t from consultants all around the world in all different industries.

Conversations with consultants in my coaching program go much deeper.

Yet one common statement I hear from consultants is actually a myth.

And it’s one that holds back many consultants from experiencing the type of success and growth they want.

They took action and got up right away each time they were knocked down.

The Ugly Myth

The belief is that you have to be a TOP expert to be successful.

Consultants look at the top percentage of professionals in their industry and compare themselves to them.

They see their success and far too often, instead of turning that into a motivator to take more action and grow their business, they use it as a cushion to fall on.

When they submit a proposal and don’t win they come up with an excuse like “These projects always go to the TOP consultants.”

Or when their marketing doesn’t generate results they say “This only works for the top consultants.”

“They are DIFFERENT” is the common belief.

So here’s the thing…

They ARE and they AREN’T.

The Difference in Success

They are different because they have reached the upper heights of success in their industry.

They aren’t because they were where you are right now at one point too.

The thing is, they didn’t get to where they are by casting blame or coming up with excuses.

They took action and got up right away each time they were knocked down.

A roadblock didn’t close the street in front of them. It merely caused them to take a slight detour.

The Expert Solution

How do you solve this issue?

Start by not comparing yourself to the TOP.

Remember, that to your ideal clients your level of expertise is far beyond their knowledge.

When you were in kindergarten do you remember how big kids in grade 1 and 2 looked? Like giants right?

Well that’s how your clients see your knowledge. To them you have something great that they desire – experience and expertise.

To them whether you’re number 3 or number 300 in terms of your skills isn’t the issue. They simply want to ensure that you are able to get them the result they want and will provide the value they desire.

The sooner you start working on growing your business, raising your expert status and increasing your income the faster you’ll get that result.

“So Michael, are you saying I don’t need to be an expert?” a consultant just asked me that question the other day.

My answer “No, you just don’t need to be the TOP expert to be successful.”

Make Progress

You can be good and work towards becoming great. And then work towards becoming exceptional.

The most important element in this equation is that you’re constantly leveling up.

That you aren’t standing still just waiting for the change you want to magically happen by itself…because it won’t.

If you want to become more successful…land more clients…increase your income…YOU need to step up and take action to make that happen.

Position Yourself as an Expert

There are several things you can do to start positioning yourself as an expert.

Website – Have a professional consulting website that communicates your expert status and makes you look like a professional.

Branding – Including your website, all your branding can easily set you a part. I’m not talking about fancy brochures. But your logo, website, business card, pictures and so on can really make a difference

Marketing – Do you have world-class marketing? Are you publishing high-quality content? Are you constantly providing value and educating your audience?

Each of these will help you to be seen by your ideal clients as an authority and expert.

They provide a runway for you to launch your expert status and soar to new heights.

This will allow you to go from your current level towards the TOP.

Get Their Faster

If you want help to position yourself as an authority and expert in your industry so that you can start attracting your ideal clients and have marketing that generates more leads and results get in touch here.

Through the Marketing for Consultants Coaching Program I’ve helped countless consultants to become authorities in their industry, land more clients and significantly increase their income. Many have grown their revenues between 200-300% within 2-3 months.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t wait. Don’t think take ACTION now. The sooner you start working on growing your business, raising your expert status and increasing your income the faster you’ll get that result.

It’s your time to go out and make it happen!


4 thoughts on “The Expert Myth: How Looking Up Can Hold You Back

  1. Great points Michael. Especially the comments about branding and marketing. Having expert knowledge – even if you aren’t at the top yet – is only one piece of the puzzle. The client looks at your website and all other branding. Additionally, a big component is the relationship you develop. They will probably be more likely to work with you, even if you’re not the top expert, if you can develop a trusting relationship with them.

    • That’s right Lew. The relationship and demonstrating that YOU can provide value and results to clients is key. Thanks for the comment.

  2. renijames says:

    I too agree with you Michael,
    There will be lots experts around us, but we should always bother about is our skill, knowledge and expertise is enough for satisfying our client and make a good result.

    • Exactly Reni. Don’t worry about the others around you. Focus on getting better and better and providing value to clients.

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