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The Financials of Building a Consulting Business: Book Review

As a Consulting Success reader you’ve likely seen several of the book reviews I’ve shared with you on this site.

Well, I’ve just read “Building a Small Business That Warren Buffet Would Love” by Adam Brownlee (published by Wiley & Sons). This book has very little to do with consulting.

As a consultant you might be wondering why I’m going to share my review of it with you…

…well, the reason is quite simple. It’s a great book!

Brownlee teaches the principles that Warren Buffet uses to evaluate businesses and make investment decisions.

“Every great business is built upon the same core fundamentals.”

“I’m small time man!” you say? That may be so, but just because you run a small consulting business doesn’t mean you have to think like a small business.

Consulting In Chaos
You see, far too many small business owners (consultants included) run around everyday doing what they “need” to do to get things done. The only problem is they do it without having much insight into how their business should actually be run.

Brownlee goes deep on this topic. He provides many stories and examples, in an often humorous tone, of how business owners can use the numbers in their business to better grasp what it is they are doing right, doing wrong, and where the biggest opportunities for growth can be found.

You’ll learn things like:

  • The 5 parts of revenue forecasting
  • Why you need to pay attention to earnings and return on equity
  • How to use the Toll Bridge strategy to suck up more profit
  • How to calculate the value and true worth of any investment
  • Taxes
  • Retained earnings
  • The list goes on…

Say, What?
Yes, you might have no clue what these terms are all about…that’s precisely the point. That’s why you need to grab a copy of this book.

Don’t Be a Statistic
There’s a reason 80%+ of businesses don’t survive past a few years. It’s because they don’t have a clear view of how their business operates (and that’s not just what you do in your business but how your business makes and handles money).

The Author Being Interviewed
Building a Small Business That Warrent Buffet Would Love is available at bookstores and online at Amazon.



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