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The Life of a Consultant: Q&A

A week or so back I sent an email to readers of this blog expressing my disappointment.

I went on a bit of a rant but was sharing how unfortunate I thought it was that there were so many websites claiming that you could become successful overnight by purchasing their materials.

They make all kinds of claims and provide ‘proof’ that you’re just a day away from making six-figures.

As someone that’s been in the trenches for over a decade and has built 3 consulting businesses, my BS Alert goes into overdrive when I see this kind of thing.

I really got ticked off by this. So much so that I was going to write a long article on the topic….

But then I thought, why not take this opportunity to answer questions YOU have about what it really takes to be a consultant. What kind of lifestyle can you actually expect.

I received a flood of emails from readers with their questions. So I just sat down and recorded my answers to many of these. You can listen to or download the audio below:

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4 thoughts on “The Life of a Consultant: Q&A

  1. Philippe Huysveld says:

    Thank you very much, Michael, for your extensive comments and feedback as well through your audios as through your posts. It is very helpful for starting consultants, especially, and I am glad to benefit from it. Great job so far !

    Philippe Huysveld
    Paris area

  2. A appreciable post . it is very informative. i am great to be here. thanks . i would like to read more about the topic.

  3. Belinda says:

    Another great post. I am venturing into the world of independent consulting and find your website and resources invaluable. I appreciate the emphasis that you put on education. Preventing information overload and investing in bettering oneself as a consultant are two things that I will be paying more attention to thanks to this Q&A. Again, thank you!

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