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The New Way to Write and Distribute a Press Release

Today’s guest post is written by Zeke Camusio of Digital Aptitude. In this great read Zeke talks about the power of online press releases and explains how you can use them to your advantage in your consulting business and marketing efforts.
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Press releases are used as a marketing tool to get media attention in hopes of getting an article written about your business. But that was the old way of doing things. Nowadays, editors are not the only people reading press releases. Thanks to online press release distribution services it has never been easier to get your release distributed and read by millions in a matter of seconds.

Why Online Press Releases?
Just because it is a press release, doesn’t mean it is not content. And I think you know by now that search engines love content. Therefore you can optimize your press release with keywords that will attract your target audience. Even though you don’t need news to distribute a press release online, it is wise if you can find some kind of news angle to your release. Journalists are online too, and they are always looking for a great story idea. And even after your media buzz is over, your press release will still remain on the web, as long as you want it to.

Why Use Online Distribution?
It is a great idea to publish your press releases on free press release distribution services, such as:


These distributions have lots and lots of content that the search engines are constantly being fed that irresistible grub that they love so much. These Press release distribution websites have a high traffic rank since they are being visited by media professionals on a daily basis. And what that means to you, is that you can get noticed quicker if you use one these press release distribution services.

Writing a Press Release
Press releases have to be written with spunk and flair to attract media attention. Of course when you are writing for an online audience, you can sprinkle keywords throughout your release to attract your prospects. But, if you want free publicity, you should follow journalist style of the 5 W’s. Who, What, When, Where and Why. And all of that should be summed up in the headline. This way it can tell your reader exactly what they are in store for, they can opt to continue reading or move on to the next. Hopefully they will continue reading to learn about your great product and service. So here are some tips that will make your online press release a success:

Place Keywords in proper positions (Title, First Paragraph, etc.)

  • No more than 500-800 words ( You want them to come to your website for more information)
  • Try to tie your business in with the news (Economy, Going Green are popular right now)
  • Choose 1 or 2 Press Release Distribution services, and then move on if you aren’t seeing any results
  • Write your release in an engaging and compelling manner
  • Put a call to action in your release – tell them to visit your website, call your number, whatever it is that gets them to contact you.

Online press releases are making it easier for you to attract the targeted traffic that you want to come to your site. So find ways to create news and you will attract the media and your prospects, with minimal effort.


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  1. Great introductory article about using and writing press releases. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like your article and every point discussed in this article. As to my knowledge, he says, you have to do your own press release, if you want others to do so, you have to pay. Press release writing is not hard work, similar to writing the article.

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