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The Power of Getting Out

Many independent consultants do much of their work in silos. They travel from their own office to their clients’ offices and then back again. Not getting out is not a good thing.

The situation is compounded when we consider that most consultants work from home offices. There is definitely nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s been my preference for many years…but this lack of face time and relationship building can hurt your business.

Here’s why:
When you get out and go to networking and other such events you meet people. Maybe one day you’ll be able to refer business to them and they’ll be able to do the same for you.

Strange things happen when you’re out there. The more time you spend connecting with people the more connected you get. Sounds straightforward, right?

Ever been at a party, you’re getting tired and thinking of heading home. But instead, you decide to stay for just a bit longer, and you end up meeting the most interesting person you’ve spoken to all night.

I don’t know how the above situation works, but I’ve encountered it several times at all kinds of events. And it’s not just at events, this kind of thing happens everywhere.

Again, it comes down to getting out there and connecting.

The Best Ideas
Where have you had some of your best ideas? I’d wager most of them have come when you’ve stepped away from your work. Maybe in the shower? Or walking down the street?

Our brains just seem to get more creative when they’re relaxed. Getting out, going for a walk, hitting up a networking event or a seminar – these are all good things, both for you and your business.

Practice What You Preach
Let me come clean and tell that it hasn’t always been my ‘cup of tea’ to hit the social scene. Let’s just say I’m wired to prefer working away than getting out there and schmoozing. But over the years and in the many countries I’ve done business – I’ve come to realize that getting out there is critical to success.

It’s not the only way to get things done, but it sure helps. As a side note, if you want to connect with other consultants, explore collaborating on projects, showcase your skills and get found by potential clients, check out Advicetap – the business community and directory exclusively for consultants.

Disclaimer: Sam and I, the cousins behind Consulting Success are also the co-founders of Advicetap. But don’t let that hold you back, check it out!


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6 thoughts on “The Power of Getting Out

  1. Nice article Mike.
    Me, i generally love to smooze and practice what i preach.
    AdviceTap seems cool, but it is still in Beta under construction. I’ll have a look at it in the future when it opens up

    -Bart Ski
    of Bart Ski TV

    • Bart – thanks, glad you enjoyed it. We launched the beta of Advicetap not too long ago and
      have been getting very valuable feedback from our early members. Some big updates are
      just around the corner. I’ll shoot you an email when they’re launched if you’re interested.

  2. Hi Michael
    From our experience the more often you are out talking to existing and potential clients the more business you get. A casual coffee or lunch with a client often gives us the opportunity to identify new projects – we try to get in front of at least two existing customers each week.

    • Margaret – that is very smart and I like how it seems you have a system (“2 existing customers each week”) for it!

  3. Nice post! Networking can really do wonders in any field. The right people can give you the lift you need, and all it takes is being at the right place at the right time!

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