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The Power of Persistence – And Why More Consultants Need It

I know. I’ve written about the need for consultants to be persistent before, but I just had to share another story with you.

Not too long ago one of my companies started working on expanding the number of partnerships we had with other large organizations.

Here we go again
Guess what, I was selected to be the person to head up the charge. Yeah, like I don’t have enough on my plate already…

Into drive we went. The strategy got set and into execution mode we went. After a couple of weeks we had a handful of partners on board. However, there was one large organization I wanted to get.

Making Contact
Contact was initiated. I had a call with them. There was interest.

The guy on the other side wasn’t making my life easy however. Although he said he had all the interest in the world in making the deal happen…it wasn’t moving much.

10 emails back and forth. A couple more calls across the country. 10 more emails. Promises were made. Then they were broke.

The Fun Starts
This was getting ridiculous. My business partner told me to drop it. He said, “forget it, it’s not worth taking on this much stress and dealing with that kind of company.” I learned many years ago that he was probably right. In many cases you have to be careful not to dig yourself deeper into a hole.

But in this situation I had a feeling. It wasn’t a bad one though….I felt I could make this happen. So, on I went.

The Payoff
57 emails later it was getting very close. In fact, I was told the brass had given the deal the go ahead.

Of course, I wouldn’t believe it until I saw it.

A couple of days later I got an email. It was official.

Looking back there is no way this deal would have gotten done if I didn’t have patience and persistence. If I gave up after the 30th email we wouldn’t have landed this great new partner.

If the deal was small, I wouldn’t have spent so much time on it. But 57 emails and many calls later…this one was.

How persistent are you with getting new business?


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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9 thoughts on “The Power of Persistence – And Why More Consultants Need It

  1. Prmoise76 says:

    Very true. i love reading you post here i always learn something new here.

  2. I’ve read so many stories where the only difference between success and failure was the unwillingness to give up. Nice article.

    • GR – appreciate the comment! Look forward to getting to know you on the blog.

  3. 20twentystrategies says:

    Thanks a lot – I needed this kind of reinforcement as I’m going through a very similar situation. This client has the potential to be my largest yet, in principle they have agreed but I’m yet to get the final word. I will send an email right now!

    • 20twentystrategies – always good to keep in touch with prospective clients. An email every week or two done in a friendly manner often delivers great results.

  4. Jessica Barna says:

    Great post!!! I’ve found that even after closing a sale or a deal, it pays to be persistent in staying involved with them to see if they need anything else that I can provide. Recently, I showed interest in a business consultant but decided not to go ahead with her… she’s been so in-touch as a resource, asking questions, sending me articles, etc… that I will probably buy from her in the near future anyway.

  5. Tamsin Miley says:

    How persistent am I in pursuing new business? Not as dogged as you, evidently! Particularly hard for lawyers to be persistent, I fear, without coming across as just pushy. Perhaps this applies universally. In any event, I appreciate your suggestion of an email a week or two, done in a friendly manner. Will play with this ….

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