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The Public Relations Campaign – Two Case Studies

Working in public relations can be one of the most fun yet challenging careers in today’s marketplace. If your most prominent characteristic is your creativity and you love the challenge of having an impact on consumer behavior, then creating public relations campaigns may be the perfect role for you. Just ask Marina Maher of Marina Maher Communications (MMC) 1…

The Dawn of Value
Dawn Dishwashing Liquid had already earned a reputation as being tough on grease. But customers were being lured away by competitors touting value – lower priced dish detergents in larger bottles. Without sacrificing the message of being a powerful grease cutter, Dawn turned to MMC to deliver the message that Dawn is a great value – just one 25-oz. bottle will clean more than 10,000 dishes. Maher needed a powerful visual that would illustrate the concepts of power and value. Using the theme Dawn Goes the Distance, Maher hired motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel, son of the famed Evel Knievel, to jump over 10,000 dishes – all dirtied then cleaned with one 25-oz. bottle of Dawn, as witnessed by 1625 spectators.

The results of the campaign were astounding, including 484 stories on the radio, a photo of Dawn on the AP wire service, and a feature story in the LA Times – generating 67 million consumer impressions in one week.

Bringing “Stick-With-It-Ness” to Life
Like Kleenex® and Xerox®, Band-Aid® became an icon in the mid to late 20th century. Every household in America, especially those with children, was stocked with Band-Aids. Over the years, however, competitors started coming out with cheaper generic bandages, and the Band-Aid brand was beginning to lose its value.

Enter Ogilvy Public Relations2. Their charge was to restore the Band-Aid brand to prominence in the minds of the internet-educated moms and kids. Band-Aid’s claim to fame was its reliability as the bandage that sticks (”I am stuck on Band-Aid, cause Band-Aid’s stuck on me.”) So Ogilvy took the emotional approach with a Stick-With-It campaign for kids.

Hiring Nickelodeon star Emma Roberts as their spokesperson, Ogilvy began a crusade that included sending Roberts on an extensive media tour and developing a co-branded Nickelodeon website – – that allowed kids to enter for a chance to win a vacation to the Nickelodeon studios in Hollywood.

The successful public relations campaign resulted in 65 million media impressions for Band-Aid, with the popular young Emma Roberts re-igniting the brand and helping to bring in 3,500 contest entries. The campaign brought Band-Aid back to the forefront while encouraging a stick-with-it attitude in kids and promoting healthy interaction between parents and kids.

These are just two of the tens of thousands of case studies in public relations campaigns that demonstrate what can be accomplished with a creative mind, a little hard work, and a stick-with-it attitude – definitely a career that is all work and all play.

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  1. No matter how many press releases, media alerts, events, etc. get placed out there for the media to ingest and then proceed to disseminate, if there is no creative, newsworthy angle to cover, with a hint of social media infused, a campaign will not fully blast off and capture an audience to the point where their perception about a product, news story or message will chance.

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