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The Reality of Success in Consulting

Do you really want to succeed in consulting? Really? Most people say they want to … yet, it’s pretty clear that what they say and what they do are two different things.

People put together these grand business ideas and spend a great deal of time each day ‘imagining’ their success.

They trick themselves into thinking that because they are “keeping busy” they must be on the right path to success.

There’s a problem and too many consultants and
entrepreneurs are running into it.

Trust me, I know…I have too.

Rather than spend time savoring the taste of success in their minds, people need to put their foot to the pedal and start actually moving towards their destination – not in their minds but in reality.

And, “keeping busy” won’t help you get there. There’s a big difference between being able to say “I did a lot of work today” and “I moved my business forward today” or “I made a sale today.”

There are 2 lessons in this:

1. Focus your efforts
You can spend weeks, months, even years running around in circles building plans, making preparations and ‘getting ready’ … and you won’t be any further ahead than when you got started.

What you need to do is focus. Take a good look at your business. What is your number one goal. In most businesses it’s making sales.

Now decide what actions you need to take to reach your goal. Dedicate 80% of time when you’re not with clients to working directly on carrying out these actions.

All the other stuff you’re doing right now that’s not connected … that goes to the back burner and gets only 20% of your time (we go into lots more detail about this in our Consulting Success System).

2. Work your ass off
Now that you have a clear focus the next thing you need to do is work your ass off. This is where the commitment and dedication comes in.

Not too long ago I spoke with a serial entrepreneur that has 3 extremely profitable businesses doing $50-$60 Million dollars in revenue. When I asked him what allows him to succeed where others haven’t before – he said “I work harder and don’t give up.” Damn!

This guy committed seven years of his life to working non-stop. He’s made it!

I’m not suggesting that you have to spend 7 years climbing the hills to reach the top of your game – rather that you better be prepared to work hard and long to achieve real success.

Of course having the right information, mentorship, strategies, techniques and experience to help guide you helps you reach success faster….

BUT, if you’re not ready to commit to really concentrating and working flat-out it’s worth considering whether you’re in the right line of work. Maybe a 9-5 job as an employee will suit you better?

Why is all of this so critical to success?

Because your competitors, the others in your market that your clients consider as an alternative to you, also have the choice to work harder than you.

And if they’re working on the right stuff, and they do, you’re going to get left in the dust.

Wouldn’t you like it to be the other way around?


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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7 thoughts on “The Reality of Success in Consulting

  1. Sally says:

    Wow Thank you! This is the wake up call I needed today.

    • Sally – thanks for stopping by and the comment. Glad you enjoyed the post.

    • Martin Sawyer says:

      This is a good lesson Michael. While greater focus should be used, sometimes it becomes hard to do this. I enjoy the quote from that serial entrepreneur you gave us.

  2. Angelo says:

    Pretty basic… and pretty obvious. Unfocused energy doesn’t get anyone anywhere. And working hard is also a fundamental requirement. The lazy get nowhere.

    HOWEVER… beyond giving some thought to whether consulting is really your line of work, you’ve got to take a serious look at your perspective.Is it short term? Or is it longer term?

    Why? because a short term perspective has you running around doing short-term things (which may or may not move your business forward), whereas a longer term perspective allows you to apply more precise criteria in your selection of what it is that you are going to do in the short term. Do you take that additional consulting gig that will give you a two month contract with a good return? Or do you let that pass, and take a less attractive contract which will give you more free time to conduct “grow your business” activity?

    You need the perspective to better define those things which you will dedicate time to and which will, over time, give you a much more solid and profitable business.

  3. We all know the difference between spending money and investing money. Most of us (well, me!) do too much of the former and too little of the latter. Of course, you need to spend some money just to keep alive, but the balance between spending and investing money is out of kilter for too many people.

    Guess what! Time is also spent or invested. Spent time is being busy. Invested time is thinking about where your business is heading, visualising your business in 36 month's time, and planning how you will get there.

    Spend 45 minutes each day, every day, investing time in regards to your business. After 6 months, you will be astonished by the results.

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