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The Sales Visit

I’m assuming here that you’re visiting someone who fits your prospect criteria; they have the problem you solve and are open to considering a solution to it.

You’ve exchanged pleasantries and have hopefully established some common ground; sports team, kids, social activity and it’s time to move on…

Whatever you do, DO NOT present or pitch your product. This is the single biggest mistake you can make. Instead, what you should do is re-establish the problem.

“John, when we spoke on the phone, you mentioned that you are dissatisfied with your current freight forwarder. Could you elaborate on exactly what the issue is, and how it impacts on you, please, so I can see if Able Trust Transport can provide a better service.”

John will now outline how their current forwarder lets them down and by asking some check questions along the way, you can uncover other issues which may include problems with his loading docks, fork lifts or operating procedures. It may be that the current transport company is doing all they can to work around John’s internal problems meaning that if Able Trust won the account, nothing would change.

Assuming you confirm that the current forwarder is letting them down, and knowing how maxim works, you now know exactly what John is looking for if he is to consider an alternative. Here’s how you might do that…

“John, at the end of the day, trucking is trucking. We all do pretty much the same thing but it’s the little things that we do that will make the difference here. With Able Trust, we don’t charge waiting fees unless the truck waits for access to your dock for over an hour, neither do we charge additionally for Sunday collections.

“With those points in mind, if we were to submit a proposal for our services, do you think it might receive favourable consideration?”

You didn’t need to sell transport, he’s already bought that. All you’ve done is show how switching Able Trust will overcome the problems he’s experiencing now. John really can’t say No to receiving your proposal, can he?

In my next article, we’ll talk about how to sell services instead of products.

James Yuille is a 35 year plus sales and marketing veteran based in Brisbane Australia He runs Mediaglue, a marketing services company. His book, “Are You Getting Enough?” is available at


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