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The “SEV’s Bread” Marketing Method

It’s time for a good old marketing story folks. If you’re like me it will make you smile and you may even gain a valuable business insight from it.

The other day I was in an elevator with a friend of mine, heading up to the 16th floor. The two of us were just chatting away and then the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor. A man in pro bicycling gear got on, nodded his head at us, and we kind of paused our conversation, normal elevator silence was in full effect.

A few seconds later this multi coloured bicycling man turned to us and asked us how our day was going. We replied with the usual “pretty good, and yourself?” Nothing unusual so far but what came next is what really got me going. He answered us with “I’m amazing! I sold over 25 loafs of bread today”. That reply got me smiling and the way he phrased his answer was set up so that I would then ask “What exactly do you do every day?”

He pulled out a business card and gave one to each of us, introduced himself as “Sev” and asked us if we like bread – But of course! Sev then proceeded to tell us all about his one man company – Sev’s bread, and how he bakes it daily and then delivers the loaves for free within a 5 mile radius. We stopped on the 12th floor, Sev got off, and then said good bye.

Now that’s what I call an elevator pitch folks! It really got me thinking about how some people are really great at self promotion and getting the word out about their services at any chance they get. To Sev it came natural and I gladly took his card, and will definitely give his bread a try at some point.

After reading this ask your self are if you are pushing hard, letting people know about what you do, and using the full proof “Sev’s Marketing Method”?


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2 thoughts on “The “SEV’s Bread” Marketing Method

  1. Sevran Howe says:

    Thank you, Michael and Sam. It’s hard to remember that long ago, but I do. For some reason you two stuck in my memory. Could we talk again? You two seem like you might have something to offer sev’s bread. Thank you for your consideration; Sev.

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