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The Straight-Line and How to Reach Your Goals Fast


It’s impossible to reach your goal if you aren’t clear on what you really want.

Dusan Djukich’s book, Straight-Line Leadership, opens with a great illustration of how to be more productive and reach your goals fast.

If you want to reach your goals fast, figure out exactly what needs to happen, in the most direct and straight way.

He suggests that you start by identifying what your end goal is. Call it “Point B”. Then be clear about where you are right now, “Point A.”

Next figure out exactly what needs to happen between Point A and B to realize your goal.

Here it’s critical that you draw a straight-line, that the actions you take are direct and keep you on course.

All too often consultants plan their goals and quickly find themselves doing circles, nowhere closer to their goals then when they first set them.

A consultant I recently spoke with wondering why she wasn’t making the progress she wanted to.

“What is your goal, what do you want to accomplish?” I asked.

“Well, I’m working on my website and marketing materials. Then I’ll be ready to start marketing my services more” was her response.

That’s not a straight-line. Her end goal isn’t to complete her website, it’s to land more clients.

Yet she’s getting so tied up that her focus is on her website one day, her brochure the next day, then her clients on another day. She’s jumping around like a grasshopper fleeing a young kid trying to catch it.

If you want to reach your goals fast, figure out exactly what needs to happen, in the most direct and straight way. Don’t allow any distraction to get in your way from reaching your ultimate goal.

As soon as you gain clarity around this, and presuming you’re taking the right steps to hit your goals, you’ll get their more quickly than you ever imagined.

This one subtle shift is what separates the most successful from the least.

If you want to see big improvements in your business, get focused, get committed and stay on course.

One of the best ways to ensure you stay focused and accountable is to find a mentor, accountability partner or join a program. If you’re looking for help to consistently land more clients and grow your business you can request a Marketing Strategy call. This is a free call for those that qualify where you’ll learn the specific steps you need to take to reach your goals fast. Details here


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4 thoughts on “The Straight-Line and How to Reach Your Goals Fast

  1. doejimz says:

    I agree with this. I am going to quit my job this week. Now I am at point A. I know where my goal is but I just need to search what to do between A and B. Thanks

      • doejimz says:

        Thanks! One action is to quit my job as a General Manager then have my own company. But it’s a long way. I’m back to square. I appreciate your articles for giving me insights..

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