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The Success Mindset for Consultants

My daughter Rei is 9 weeks old and she’s adorable.

She does everything that babies are supposed to do. She eats, she sleeps, all the rest of that stuff.

There’s something I thought about recently that I want to share with you…as it relates to your success.


My daughter doesn’t really care what other people think. She’s focused on what she needs. She wants to be fed, she wants to be changed, she wants to sleep, and like most babies, she’s focused on herself.

At a time like this that makes complete sense.

It also got me thinking about how consultants – all people in business, entrepreneurs and so forth – at some stage as we grow up, we start to worry and think so much about what others think about is. Of course, that makes sense.

Losing Confidence with Age

As we develop, we start to shift away from the mindset of a child or of a baby and focus much more on ourselves. Unfortunately many people worry too much about what other people say. That worry, that concern, affects your confidence.

What I want you to think about here is have you been too concerned about what other people think about you?

Have you doubted your own level of expertise or authority?

How can we expect our clients to fully have confidence in us as consultants if we’re not going to have full confidence in our own abilities?

Have you doubted your success, whether it’s in your marketing or working with clients?

Have you doubted that maybe you don’t deserve to reach the level of success that you want?

Maybe you’re concerned with how people view you or whether they’re going to think that your five years of expertise or ten years of expertise isn’t enough?

Maybe because you’re not THE best, you’re not the person that writes all of the books in your industry or does all the speaking circuits, that somehow that should be negative or a chip on your shoulder?

Improve Your Confidence

What I wanted to offer today is an idea, because really it’s an observation that too many consultants focus too much on what other people might think, and they let that concern or worry affect their confidence. Success mindset is all about confidence.

How can we expect our clients to fully have confidence in us as consultants if we’re not going to have full confidence in our own abilities?

I want to offer you the idea that you should become more confident in yourself.

Know that you are an expert because if you weren’t, why would the potential client buy or your current clients come to you?

Clearly, they see that you can help them solve the problem that they can’t solve themselves or that you can solve in a much more effective and efficient manner, but realizing they are coming to you because you are an expert.

Don’t doubt your expertise. Don’t doubt the value that you are able to deliver to your clients.

How to Increase Your Consulting Fees

When you think about fees, consulting fees, it’s all about confidence and value.

Most consultants under-charge not because they aren’t providing the value to their clients but simply because they, number one, don’t know how to charge, to set up the structures in their fees to earn those higher consulting fees.

Give some thought to how confident are you? Are there times where maybe you don’t feel confident? Why is that?

Number two – and this is often even a bigger issue that I’ve seen with consultants – is that they don’t have the confidence. They feel that for some reason they don’t deserve to earn those higher fees.

It’s not about deserving or not deserving. It’s about providing value to your client. As long as you can provide the value, then certainly you can earn the higher fees at a level of fair compensation.

Give some thought to how confident are you? Are there times where maybe you don’t feel confident? Why is that?

Realize that you are an expert, and if you’re not then realize that you’re not and figure out what you can do to become a real expert and authority in your area.

Deflect the Doubt

But don’t let that doubt and worry of what other people think affect you in a negative way, because the most successful people know that they should always work on getting their success and their skills to the next level but they don’t doubt themselves.

They don’t worry about if they are not going to be successful in their own business or their clients’, because they’re always investing in themselves and investing in their business to ensure that they have everything that they need to support their growth – whether that’s improving their skills, having a mentor or a coach, investing in a technology or tools. Whatever it might be to help them to get to the level they want, they make that investment.

Ask yourself. Right now, what is holding you back?

What’s causing doubt or worry?

What is hurting your confidence?

Then overcome that.

Confidence is Success

Realize that to be successful you must be confident.

The worry or doubt of what others might think of you is holding you back, allow yourself to end that, to make that shift today, to transition to a place where starting today you’ll never think like that and work towards that.

Every time that thought comes up into your mind, acknowledge it and then let it pass because you ought to know that to achieve that level of success and to really have a success mindset, you don’t want to let those kinds of thoughts stay in your mind.

You want to push them to the side and keep moving forward.

With that, I wish you the best. Go out, take action on that today, and come back and check for another video real soon.


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2 thoughts on “The Success Mindset for Consultants

  1. Christie Ruppe Scanlon says:

    Great analogy regarding your little one. I would add to your analogy that babies and small children have an absolute purity of thought when it comes to trial and error. They are not as afraid to fail – they’re used to it! Therefore, they have a level of confidence that helps them learn and succeed at a much faster rate than adults. Be childlike in your confidence and you will have a better assessment of where you currently are and how to quickly get to where you want to be!

    • Christie – great addition. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of your consulting business. BIG things coming for you my friend!

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