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The Web Consultant Advantage

With so many website design firms and programmers out there what makes you so special? If I have a web project, why should I hire you as my web consultant and not just go to one of the other firms down the block?

This is a critical question – one that far too many consultants in every imaginable field don’t ask themselves nearly often enough.

Can’t think of a convincing answer? Well, here’s how you can start …

Think about what you can offer them that’s different. Something no one web design firm can.

Best Deal

You can save your potential client time by having a group of web design firms you can call on to get prices. Since you’ll know the going rate, you can quickly assess the company’s needs and then find them the right solution at the best price. Even when you add your premium on to the price, you can still often save your clients money.

I’ve often done this for my clients when working with advertising agencies. I’m able to negotiate a better rate for them. Sometimes I pass on the complete savings to my client – since they are paying me, and other times I’ll work something out with the agency to pay me for bringing them the business. You can work out these kind of deals too. It’s really a win-win.

PHP, XHTML, WordPress Say What?

Your client doesn’t have to speak the technical jargon. All they need to tell you is what they want to accomplish and you’ll set it up for them. Since you’re a trusted ‘intermediary’ they put their confidence in you. As the company’s advisor, it’s much easier to trust your word than it is a web firm that you’ve never met with and need to use to develop your website.

And because you’ve been around the block and understand web technology, you’re perfectly suited to act as a consultant to help the client with this project. This saves your client a load of stress not to mention the learning curve they can bypass by having you on board.

You Are In Control

Well not exactly. But pretty much. Again, your client doesn’t have to deal with the nitty gritty of finding the right design firm, negotiating rates, organizing all the information and managing it. That’s your job. Time is money right, and you’ll be saving your client a lot of both.

The above is great if you have lots of time to sit down with your client and chat. But it’s also worthwhile to formulate a statement that clearly spells out the advantages of working with you.

For example, you could say:
“As your website consultant I’ll take care of every single detail from the planning to execution of the project. Every technical detail will be covered. We handle it all for you so you can stay focused on running your business.”

For something more short form, you could try:
“Your website started in 1 hour – we’ll meet with you and go over exactly what kind of website you’re after. Then we do the rest. Seriously. It’s that simple.”

There are many other angles that I haven’t covered here. Just remember to spend some time thinking about what you as a website business consultant can bring to the table that is different, that your clients will value – and make that your advantage.


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