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Top 10 Techniques to Make Sales and Ensure Consulting Sales Success

The following ten techniques, tips or best practices, are the foundations of successful selling. Follow these ten commandments of successful selling and watch your business grow! Be forewarned however, they are simple, but not easy.

The Top Ten Techniques or Tips to Makes Sales and Ensure Sales Success

1. Believe in What You Do and Sell
Before everything else, you must believe wholeheartedly in what you do as a professional. Make sure it is the benefits the client receives from the product or service that drives you, and not just the money.

2. Talk to Lots of People Everyday
Call on many prospective clients every day. You cannot see, email, call or approach enough prospective customers.

3. Have Good L.U.C.K.
Labor Under Correct Knowledge. Continuously learn all there is to learn about your product, service, industry, competition and market. Continuing education is as critical to success in the sales profession, as it is in the medical profession.

4. Keep Good Records
Professional selling is the most suggestive business in the world. Do not rely on memory. Keep records of every sales call, email, web hit, letter and everything else.

5. Know Your S.O.S. – Science of Selling
With those good records, know and understand the science of your business. It is not enough to know your closing rates. You must have the data and know the averages for setting appointments, dialing the phone, web conversion rates, click-through rates, commissions, email conversion rates, etc.

6. Maintain a Consistent Work Ethic
Along with keeping records and S.O.S., you must maintain a steady work ethic. Have a set number of sales calls, presentations or sales interactions to make every day, and stick to that number no matter what.

7. Ask for the Order With Strength
If you truly believe in what you sell, and believe that your client receives the biggest benefit, you will have no problem asking for the order with vigor. When people feel your persistence is for their benefit not your commission, they appreciate it.

8. Set Good Goals
In addition to the big, long term goals, set short-term, mini-step objectives that help you measure consistent success daily and weekly.

9. Use Technology
Become an expert user of CRM (Customer Relationships Management), proficiency and communications software as well as internet avenues.

10. Like What You Do
While there are some professions where you can hate your position, yet go to work every day and “fake it,” such will not work with consulting and selling. You don’t have to skip to the office, turning cartwheels, but you have to like what you do. It should be a lot of hard work, yet it should be gratifying and some fun. After all, you are helping people, solving problems, making money and you are in the best profession in the world!

Sean McPheat is regarded as a leading authority on modern day selling. Sean has appeared on CNN, ITV, BBC and has over 250 other media credits to his name. Sean founded MTD Sales Training in 2001 and since then they have helped over 50,000 staff. Please visit Sean’s Sales Blog for his latest musings and tips. Sean also offers free audios, videos and sales tips.


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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Techniques to Make Sales and Ensure Consulting Sales Success

  1. Aggy Nindi says:

    very helpful notes for consultants

  2. Lucy Higginbotham says:

    re: 9 – Use Technology
    Agreed… but so many CRMs are geared for the sale of products. Consulting is more about selling a service. Which CRMs are better suited for consultants or do we just customize as best we can?

    • Great question Lucy. There are SO many CRMs, you’re right. There is no ‘best’ one, but many of our clients use Hubspot, Zoho, and Pipedrive.

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