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Get 8 of our best-selling courses and trainings in digital format at an amazing discount never to be offered again at this price.

The Ultimate Consulting Package includes:

Advanced Consulting Fees and Pricing Video Training

This is a video training of a presentation Michael gave where he walks you through step by step on how to increase your fees. You'll learn how to establish an optimal pricing structure, and what approaches will work best for your consulting business.

Consulting Success System 2.0

Consulting Success System 2.0 The Consulting Success System 2.0 includes 14 lessons and over 283 pages of rock solid content that cover how to successfully position yourself as an authority in your market, set your ideal pricing and fees, and attract new clients now and well into the future. You'll receive the digital book, 6+ hours of audio lessons, plus templates and forms you can use in your business right away.

The $10,000 Per Hour Productivity Video Training

The $10,000 Per Hour Productivity Video Training In this special video training you'll discover how to increase your productivity and earn higher fees. You'll see why some consultants are more successful than others and learn the secret of how they get so much done. If you want to get more valuable work done and want to make a bigger impact for your clients and increase your income and free time this training is a must.

Consulting Proposal Guide

Consulting Proposal & Agreement Guide Learn how to write proposals and agreements to win more business. You'll also get the proven proposal and agreement templates that have been used to win millions of dollars in consulting projects. In addition to the digital course book, you’ll also receive 14 videos that show you exactly how to fill in the proposal and agreement templates for maximum effectiveness and to win more business.

Consulting Fees Guide

Consulting Fees Guide This no-nonsense guide to understanding, setting and increasing your Consulting Fees is packed with proven strategies to help you make more money as a consultant. You'll learn many advanced pricing and fee structures and strategies you can use to increase your income and earn more with every consulting project you take on.

Management Consulting Blueprint

Management Consulting Blueprint In this course you'll learn how to use consulting tools and systems to bring more structure to your consulting work, improve your confidence and deliver bigger results for your clients. You'll get 17 Consulting Tools and a Complete Management Consulting Guide. This course comes with a 161 page digital book, 7 Over-the-Shoulder Videos showing you step-by-step how to use these powerful consulting tools, plus Excel and Word Templates.

Masters of Consulting

Masters of Consulting Interviews Learn the secrets used by nine of the world’s leading consultants to land a continuous stream of new clients, make an amazing income, and boost your productivity. These in-depth interviews feature super-successful consultants like Bob Bly, Dave Crenshaw, Kevin Hogan, Tom Searcy and others. You'll see in these interviews how I grill them to find out how they built such successful consulting businesses and get them to teach you how to do the same. Each one of these consultants earn over $300,000 a year. Some earn millions. You'll get all nine audio interviews plus the digital book with all transcripts.

Consulting Naming Guide

Consultants Naming Guide This Guide teaches you everything you need to know about creating a unique, memorable and effective name for your consulting business. We’ve conducted research and interviews, gathered information from all sources and have compiled only the best and most valuable information that teaches you how to develop your consulting company name.

Special Bonuses Also Included

bonuses-upc Not only are you getting all EIGHT courses. You'll get all of the bonuses that come with these courses, including:
  • Building a Multi-Million Dollar Consulting Practice: A 1 hour long recording from a where Tom Searcy shows you step-by-step how to structure your consulting projects to earn millions of dollars - this one bonus is worth the price of this whole package. Seriously, it's that good!
  • Selling without Selling: Dave Crenshaw teaches you how to build a waiting list of profitable clients in the shortest time possible in this no-fluff guide.
  • The Consulting Fee Calculator: Simply enter your desired income, costs and expenses of all kinds into this spreadsheet and it will automatically calculate what you need to charge on a daily and hourly basis. This gives you a great starting point for setting appropriate fees and pricing.
  • Essential Business Checklists for Consultants: We’ve gathered a list of 62 of the best checklists for all aspects of your business. Checklists are easy to follow and make implementation for you and your clients faster and more efficient. This is the ultimate guide.
  • The Consulting Tool Cheat Sheet: This guide will show you which consulting tool is the right one to use for each type of client and project. Follow this guide and then implement the tools that you get in the Management Consulting Blueprint and your project will be well on its way to success.
  • How to Do Your Own Public Relations: This 93 page digital book written by Bob Bly teaches you how to get publicity for your business and for your clients.
  • Consult This! This 80 page guide by Michael McLaughlin, author of Guerrilla Consulting, gives you 67 pieces of advice to help you achieve consulting success.
  • And many more!

Offer Ends on Friday September 14th before Midnight Pacific

The total value of all eight courses and bonuses is over $1000. If you bought each of these courses separately on our site right now, that's what you'd pay. During this Special you'll get all EIGHT courses AND the bonuses for only ($1000) $499.
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That's over 50% OFF the regular price. This special discount will end on September 14th before Midnight Pacific.

Guaranteed ROI

We're so confident that you'll start landing more clients and earning a greater income that we're going as far as to guarantee it. Take 60 days to go through all the materials in this package and if you're not honestly convinced that you'll get an extra 2-3 clients (minimum) in the next 6 months as a result of what you've learned, simply let us know and we'll give you a complete refund on your purchase price. What is each new client worth to you? $1000, $6,000, $30,000 or more? Investing in your personal development is the best investment you can make. Save 50% with the Ultimate Consulting Package

Made a Recent Purchase? We Got You Covered

If you've made a purchase in the last 30 days you can apply that purchase to this special package. We appreciate your support and have you covered. Simply send us an email with your receipt to info @ and let us know what you purchased. We'll then send you a request for payment through Paypal for the difference between what you already paid and the special price of this package. Note, this is only available to people who made a purchase within the last 30 days. The above special offer ends on September 14th at midnight Pacific time. Please note that this heavily discounted offer will not be available after this time.

What Consultants Are Saying About This Deal...

"I bought the Consulting Success system in the first year of my consultancy. It gave me a framework and a way of thinking about value and fees (as well as the marketing of my consultancy) such that my 2nd-year revenue was 1.5x my first year and my 3rd-year revenue was 3x my first year. I use the system as a touchstone and revisit it...each quarter."

“I landed a new client and now charging 25% more than before! I’d recommend this course for anyone that wants to be a successful consultant.”

"This is the benchmark course for the 'ins and outs' of not just becoming a consultant…but becoming a successful consultant. Priceless advice and a ton of helpful bonuses like sample templates and reports. Highly recommended!"

"You should be asking 10 times more than the price you are charging for this course. The systems you need to use to be successful are all here, as well as showing you how to avoid making costly mistakes."

"Your information helped me land a client that will pay me in advance for a whole year!"

"Thank you, great course! It helped me to identify a focus. Your advice on value proposition formula was great too…and my leads pipeline now consists of potential clients that show interest in my services."

Save 50% with the Ultimate Consulting Package