How to Capitalize on Your Setbacks to Propel You Toward Success with Mitch Russo: Podcast #8

Don’t waste your time dwelling on your problems — use your setbacks to achieve the consulting success you’ve been dreaming of.


Mitch Russo is a certification business model expert who specializes in working with companies that are looking to quickly grow substantially in size. He understands that making small, calculated shifts in your thinking can change everything for your business and your success. This is a lesson Mitch learned when his career took a sudden turn toward success — even though he was faced with what initially looked like a major setback. He shares the story of his success and the mindset that created it, on this episode of Consulting Success Podcast. You’ll also hear what it takes to identify your greatest strengths, and how you can use them to secure the high value clients that you’ve been seeking.

Setbacks don’t have to set you back.

When faced with setbacks, many people get stuck in their problems and waste too much time trying to get over them. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you need to listen to Mitch’s perfect analogy to understand why it’s not worth spending any more time looking at what has been lost, but instead dedicating your efforts to moving forward with the resources you still have. When Mitch discovered that an IRS ruling rendered his newly developed technology obsolete, he didn’t give up. He shares how he turned this disaster into one of the greatest opportunities of his career, but more importantly, how he was able to do so quickly.

Successful consultants aren’t selling, they’re helping their clients.

Many consultants feel like “sales” is a derogatory term. You can listen to Episode 1 of Consulting Success Podcast to learn more about why it absolutely isn’t, but first you need to listen to this episode to hear Mitch’s approach to sales. A successful sales mindset can empower you with the moral obligation to help your clients get the business they need for major success. Approaching your clients with a helpful mindset rather than a selling mindset is going to ensure your success. It also means that you’re going to be offering something of extreme value to your prospective clients. This is one major key to consulting success, and you’ll want to hear this episode to find out more about how it has worked for Mitch.

Your greatest strengths can become your greatest business ideas.

It can take time to figure out which of your most powerful skills can be marketed to be useful to other people. Once you land on the idea that will give you the greatest success, the information that you have in your area of expertise will be key to landing new clients. This information is essential, but what clients will be willing to pay for is the implementation of these ideas. Find out how to land clients that need your expertise, and more, on this episode of Consulting Success Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

[:26] Mobilize your existing client base with certification — Mitch details how.
[5:00] The inspiration for Mitch’s success hit while he was working as a programmer in a basement.
[7:45] How can you narrow on your specialization ideas to create a winning business?
[10:15] Opportunities can be disguised as problems.
[14:10] Why desperation can be the greatest inspiration for success.
[16:00] How Mitch grew his business on a shoestring budget.
[18:08] Proof that persistence in sales can have major payoffs.
[22:26] Embracing this mindset is a major secret to sales success.
[26:38] How to land clients without giving away too much value.
[29:43] Work life balance means taking care of yourself first.

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“Opportunities can be disguised as problems.” — Mitch Russo

“You have to start with an unshakeable desire to ensure that you’re helping others.” — Mitch Russo

“Having a coach is instrumental in overcoming the circuits that you end up running in your own head.” — Mitch Russo

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