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3 Steps to Using Twitter to Educate and Provide Value to Your Clients

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I’m a big believer in giving constant value to my clients.

One of the best ways to do this is by educating them.

Sharing research, data, report, case studies and news that are relevant to their business and industry.

Years ago I would take out my scissors and cut out the article, fax or scan it, and send it to my client.

Every once in a while I still do that. But most publications I subscribe to also have an online version so it’s easy enough to send my clients the link.

I now find Twitter to be one of the best tools for this.

I can quickly search for a relevant topic, get several timely results of articles or blog posts and then sort through them to find what my clients might find most valuable and interesting.

Here’s a recent example of how I did this…

One of my clients is a financial and insurance firm and I advise on and support their marketing.


Step 1: Search

I use Hootsuite, but you can do this through Twitter Search as well.

In Hootsuite, go to the search icon. Click on it and then enter the keywords that you think are most relevant.

In this case I entered “financial advisor marketing”. My first set of results had some basic articles, but nothing worthwhile to send to my client.


Step 2: Filter

So I adjusted my search to “financial services marketing”. Bingo. I found a great article titled “Great Content Marketing from Financial Services Firms: Examples and Challenges


Step 3: Send

I read through the article to make sure it would be relevant and of interest to my client.


I then wrote a quick email that went like this:

Subject: Article: Great Content Marketing from Financial Services Firms: Examples and Challenges

Hi Client Name,

Hope the week is going well. I thought you and your team may find this article on content marketing for financial services firms of interest. I’d be happy to discuss any of the points in the article in more detail if you’d like.

[article link]

Enjoy the day!


Step 4: Recommend (optional)

There may be times when you’re working on a specific project with your client and the article or research you find is relevant to that project. In that case you can use this opportunity to make a recommendation based on the data and then mention that in your email.

This is also a great opportunity to make suggestions to your clients with ideas for their business based on the article – and you can turn that into more business for yourself if it makes sense to do so.

This is a fast and easy way to educate and provide value for your clients. They appreciate you taking the time to share the information with them and it tells them that you’re thinking of them and looking out for their best interests.

Simple yet powerful stuff.

Do you do this with your clients and have you tried a similar approach? What worked for you and what didn’t? Share in the comments below.

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8 thoughts on “3 Steps to Using Twitter to Educate and Provide Value to Your Clients

  1. Domingo says:

    Wow, these are such great tips, thank you! I will use them with my clients.

  2. Sandra Hughes says:

    Michael I like how you provided examples for us. I am not using this program though I think I should look into it. It seems like it helps streamline the process. Great article.

  3. Islam says:

    Actually I got my current job by sending articles & news for my client for more than six months. It is very effective method

  4. Rezume says:

    Thank you for this I have been trying it and it has yielded contacts. Maggie

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