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Want More Consulting Clients Avoid This Marketing Mistake


I spoke with a consultant the other day that had it all wrong.

It’s not his fault. Many people make the same mistake he did.

He was blown away when I told him that 95% of my clients spend very little on ‘marketing’. Many spend zero. The most effective forms of marketing don’t cost much.

And it was costing him dearly in lost clients and wasted money.

He shared with me all the different types of marketing he was trying. From Facebook Ads to Google Adwords, print advertisements, direct mail letters and postcards.

After spending several thousands of dollars and several months of his time – he had no new business or clients to show for it.

I told Barry that there was nothing wrong with the types of marketing he was doing. It was his approach.

He was shooting blindly at a target he couldn’t clearly see. When your approach to marketing is ‘spray and pray’ the results tend to be lackluster.

Instead, I suggested to Barry that he stop thinking about ‘marketing’ and start focusing on his ideal client.

I asked him:

1) Who is your ideal client?

2) What is it that they REALLY need/want that you can provide?

3) Where can you most effectively reach them?

4) What message will cause them to take the next step?

Barry and I then went through a process of breaking each one of these questions down.

Things started to become clear.

And that’s when the next problem for Barry came up.

We determined that the most effective type of ‘marketing’ for him to reach his ideal clients wasn’t anything that he was doing.

In fact, his first response was “there’s no way this will work” so I asked “Why is that Barry?” and he told me “Because what you’re suggesting doesn’t cost anything.”

Oooohhhhh! This is getting interesting. My brain is cranking in all directions. Barry told me that he believed that any marketing that was going to work had to cost him money.

He was blown away when I told him that 95% of my clients spend very little on ‘marketing’. Many spend zero. The most effective forms of marketing don’t cost much.

One consultant spends just a couple hundred dollars a month and is bringing in over $40K a month.

When you’ve gone through the process and really, truly know how to effectively reach your ideal clients – then and only then – should you be scaling up your marketing and invest heavily into it.

The challenge Barry faced, and it’s a common one, is the idea that marketing for the sake of marketing is going to bring you clients.

It won’t.

You first have to create a strong foundation for your marketing and answer some tough questions. Once you have answers to those you’ll be clear on how to most effectively reach your ideal clients and turn them into paying clients.

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