Webinar for Certified Management Consultants Association on Specialization and Value Propositions Is Coming


On January 13, 2015 I’ll be providing a one hour online training webinar for the Certified Management Consultants of Canada. Anyone can join. Even if you’re not a CMC or located in Canada.

Just go here to register.

As a consultant the first step in effectively marketing your services is to get the attention of your ideal clients. To accomplish this you need to position yourself as an expert and have an effective value proposition that communicates why your ideal client should work with you. In this online session you’ll learn:

  • Uncover the myths of specialization and when to be a generalist (there’s a right and wrong time).
  • Case study examples of value propositions and marketing messaging (the good vs bad).
  • The proven formula to create an effective value proposition.
  • Discover the most important element of your value proposition (the one most people miss!)
  • How to test your marketing messaging attract more clients.
  • And much more

I hope you’ll join me here


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