What Does a Wedding Consultant Do?

If you are asking this question, you really should be asking, when it comes to weddings, what do wedding consultants not do!

Here are just a few of the tasks you would be handling as a wedding consultant to start with:

  • Source and negotiate with wedding suppliers. As a wedding consultant, you should have access to a network of suppliers, from caterers to décor, and negotiate the best prices for your clients.
  • Most people hire a wedding consulting company to take care of all the details. Therefore, a large part of your wedding planning business will be to deal with everything, from flowers to thank you notes! Wedding consultants take responsibility for everything that takes place on the day, so organization and planning skills are key.
  • Many wedding planners will conduct preliminary meetings with suppliers, create a shortlist according to their clients, and accompany them to subsequent meetings. They then also deal with hiring and contracts, so making sure you have an attorney on board, or a generic contract, will go a long way!
  • When it comes to logistics, most wedding planners will arrange venues, even sometimes negotiating with churches on their clients’ behalf. They arrange and coordinate hiring of supplies, secure and manage vendors and offer advice and assistance at all levels.
  • Some wedding consultants will step in only after things have got too much for the bride to be or even only to co-ordinate on the day. It is crucial therefore, that you are able to function well under a lot of pressure!

It is clear, from this seemingly endless involvement in the planning and execution of the perfect wedding, that the decision to become a wedding consultant is not one that you should jump into!

Aside from planning and organizational skills, you will need negotiating abilities, and business acumen, budgeting and project management abilities, creative flair, people skills and more.

When launching a wedding consulting career or business, it is best to first contact a wedding consultants association, to find out more. You may also consider becoming a certified wedding planner, which will give you a marketing advantage, and allow you to access your association’s knowledge base.

Consider the vast range of items you will be co-coordinating, you may also wish to look into high tech support, in terms of computer equipment, a PDA, or even project management software, that will help you to keep track of everything.

You will also want to source and approach suppliers of products and services you will be needing in future, so that you have existing relationships with suppliers when the work starts coming in.

If you plan your wedding business well, try to anticipate any hiccups along the way, and keep meticulous records to help in future, you should be off to a great start. Of course, becoming a wedding consultant is a tricky proposition, but it can be a very lucrative, and enjoyable business, so if you think you have it in you, go for it!


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