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Where to Find Wedding Consultant Jobs

You’ve decided to become a wedding consultant. You have made your business and marketing plans, picked a name for your new business, set up a website or blog, and have some stationary and business cards printed.

Now for the critical part – finding your first gig or wedding consultant job. There are numerous creative ways you can find work and spread your name around and here are a few that might work for you.

Social Media and Online Marketing
Develop your online presence – update your blog or website often with useful information and articles, post in wedding forums and comment on other wedding related blogs. You should also be creating profiles and interacting on the various social networking sites related to the wedding industry like the community.

Creating an online marketing and advertising plan for your wedding consulting business is one of the best ways to find new clients.

Pay Attention to Engagement Announcements
Most local community newspapers have an engagement announcement section. If you are watchful, and resourceful, it should be possible to find out who is getting married soon. From their, it is an easy task to contact them with a message of congratulations, and offer them your services as their wedding consultant.

You can advertise your wedding consulting business in local newspapers, on community notice boards, and in bridal magazines.

Have custom-made stickers or magnets made and put them on your car, making it a moving advertisement for your business. Always keep business cards on you, and have a short “elevator pitch” prepared – you never know where you might find a client!

By networking with specific, related businesses, such as florists, specialist bakers and dressmakers, you might be able to find out who is in the market for a wedding consultant to plan their big day. Enter into a reciprocal referral agreement with them, whereby if they pass potential clients on to you, you will do the same for them.

You can also leave business cards or flyers at their offices or shops, where potential clients are likely to see them.

Trade Shows
Bridal Expo’s and trade shows are all over these days. Consider taking a stand for your wedding consulting company at one in your area, and get in direct contact with potential clients.

Work through Venues
There are many different venues out there that offer services to wedding parties. Contact a few of them, and find out whether they will be willing to take you on as their “resident wedding planner”. Everyone from restaurants, to wine farms and hotels host weddings, and getting a few of these as clients can assure your wedding consultant business’s success!

Then again, if you can source a great new venue, and enter into a referral agreement with them, you will probably gain a lot of business!

Whichever way you choose to publicize your wedding consultant business, you can be sure that once you have one or two successful events under your belt, word of mouth will be your best advertising! So make sure that you are the wedding consultant to end all wedding consultants, offer excellent service and fantastic events, and you can almost be assured of success!


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