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Setting up a Wedding Consulting Business

If you have decided to launch your own wedding consulting business, you might not have considered what it is going to entail to get your business off to a successful start. Fortunately, getting into the wedding biz need not take a large capital outlay. Here are a few of the basics you may want to consider:

Your Home Office

There’s a good chance you’ll be launching your business from home, remember though, that for a wedding consultant to be a success these days, you need to take advantage of modern technology like business blogging or social media, just like everyone else!

Set up your office with a computer, fast internet connection, fax machine and telephone, filing facilities, and a comfortable place to plan and work! A nice addition may be a white or blackboard, where reminders are very visible! Personalize your space, and make sure it works for you!

Take Care of Legalities

Setting up any business requires a certain amount of attention to legalities. Your first step will be licensing your business, and registering your name. Then, make sure you stay on the right side of the law with your taxes by hiring an accountant, as well as an attorney to handle your consulting contracts and other matters. Lastly, make sure you have the appropriate insurance!

Market Your Wedding Consulting Business

Ask anyone how they market their business, and they will probably all have different tips. One that will be almost universal however will be a website. As soon as you have registered your business, and designed your business cards, you should make sure you get a website professionally created.

Look into advertising in your area, whether in print or online, launch an online marketing campaign including a blog and article submissions and get word of mouth working for you by joining real life business networks, as well as posting your business page on social media sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Brush Up on Etiquette

You may be a fantastic businessperson, and have a flair for the creative, coupled with a killer organization instinct, but weddings can still be a minefield of complicated traditions and niceties. Make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for by learning more about wedding etiquette.

Get Wedding Consultant Certification

Since starting a wedding planning business is open to anyone, you may find you have more competition than you bargained for! Getting a certification puts you in the league of professionals, and sets you apart from the amateurs out there.

Associations of certified wedding consultants also offer ongoing professional training, the chance to meet and talk to other specialists from other areas, and share ideas, and a host of other benefits. Definitely worth looking into!

Deciding to get into the wedding consultant business, and actually becoming a wedding planner can be two very different things. Plan carefully, do your homework, and tackle it with a healthy dose of good business sense and you should be fine!


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