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What Consulting Clients Really Want From You


It’s easy for consultants to get the impression that the more they ‘show’ their consulting clients the better. But in fact, it can often have the opposite effect.

Your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. Your fancy graphs and charts. Even your latest tech toys all have their place. But you must use them sparingly.

Your client hasn’t hired you to put them through presentation horror.

No, they’ve hired you because they want your help to find a solution to a problem or because they need your help to reach the goals they are after.

The best consultants don’t need gizmos to show their worth.

They stride confidently into meetings with their clients, listen to what’s going on and ask question after question to get to the heart of the matter.

Your client doesn’t want to spend all their time listening to you.

They want you to listen to them. To uncover what’s really going on. And you can’t do that if you’re the one doing all the talking.

Keep the focus on your client. Ask the right questions and earn your consulting clients trust.

That’s how you partner for success.


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6 thoughts on “What Consulting Clients Really Want From You

  1. Jeff Griffiths, CMC says:

    A consultant with a whiteboard and some good questions is far more credible than a consultant with a flashy presentation. It’s too easy for us to get seduced by the technology. Good reminder that clients hire us for our brain, not for our glitz. At least, the clients we want do!

    Thanks Mike.

  2. Omar Albashir says:

    Exactly, correctly. It’s a matter of balancing. In some forums/conferences you sometimes feel like leaving the conversation due to the very imbalances.

  3. 2 ears, 2 eyes, 1 pie hole.
    Use ’em in the proportion God gave ’em to you. Sound advice at all times.

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