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Why Consultants Need to Be Excellent

How excellent are you at what you do? Some believe they are, most are not. Few try to be, even fewer ‘make it’.

Being excellent at what you do isn’t about being the best … it’s about being better than most of the others around you.

The service at most restaurants is average to good. You then walk into one restaurant and are blown away by the attention and care they give to everything from the decor and their greetings… to their friendliness and of course the food. That’s excellent.

Excellent stands out. There’s no ignoring it.

Being average or even good may get you a mention from time to time. When you’re excellent at what you do people can’t stop talking about you.

Most of us know we could be doing better. We could sharpen our skills more…learn new strategies that will help our clients…invest our own money into new products and testing for improvements….yet most people fail to do this.

When you’re excellent you go beyond where most others dare venture.

Take a good look at your business and yourself … think about the care you give to your clients, the results that you deliver, and the skills you have compared to others in your market. Are you just average, good, or excellent at what you do?

Excellent doesn’t happen overnight. But commit to achieving excellence and you’ll get there sooner than later.

And when you do, all your hard work pays off.


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8 thoughts on “Why Consultants Need to Be Excellent

  1. Jonathan Riddel says:

    That is a great post Michael. You have made me think on how I may improve for my clients.

  2. Jamie says:

    Yes, I like it! I always try to help my clients be satisfied. Lots of time is needed but it is helping.

    • Jamie – it does take time, you're right. However, the benefits you'll get from putting in that time and servicing your clients with excellence will pay dividends. Not only will you keep your clients happier, they'll be more loyal and keep engaging you (and sending you checks).

  3. georgecontorakes says:

    I was just thinking about this the other day….the question that came up was: what "haven't I done" when interacting with clients, what skill can I learn to create new opportunities (referrals, more business, etc)……Thanks for sharing!

  4. I totally agree that "excellent" stands out. In addition to commitment from the top, you've got to have a plan to achieve excellence and some measurements to help you get there. It's tough to attain the highest standard w/out an action plan and some accountability along the way.

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