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Why I Invested $10K When I Could Have Got It Free

By Michael Zipursky
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I recently decided to make another investment in hiring a coach.

I’ve worked with coaches for years and credit their place in my life and my own commitment to the success of my company and that which I’ve personally enjoyed.

But this time things were different. Let me give you some background…

So even though I could have possibly seen some results trying to do things myself – I knew from experience – that being penny wise, pound foolish is no way to grow a business.

I invest tens-of-thousands of dollars each year into working with coaches. In one of the mastermind groups I’m part of there’s a coach that specializes in webinars.

He’s so effective at them that he regularly brings in $40K, $75K even $100K per webinar. And unlike these big product launches you’ve likely heard about and seen that happen a few times each year…he runs webinars for high-end coaching, consulting and training in his specific market every 4-6 weeks. Sometimes more often.

You can get a sense by doing the math…but he generates well over a $1M each year.

Time to Invest

I know the power of coaching. I’ve experienced it and all the most successful business owners I know have coaches too. So I decided it would make sense for me to hire him.

My goal was to get his coaching so that I can improve my webinars. I setup a call to learn more about how he could help me and what the investment would be. By the end of the call I was confident this is what I needed. That it would benefit my business.

The investment: $10,000

It’s a lot of money. But the value is clear. It would only take 1-2 sales to make that back and turn the investment into a great ROI. But then something happened…

Could It Be Free?

That’s when the curveball came. The same day I spoke to this webinar expert I also found out that he was offering a free webinar training that taught the structure he is using. And that everyone in the mastermind group (which I’m part of) would have access to it – for free.

The Angel and the Devil

My mind started to spin. I started telling myself “maybe I should save $10K and learn as much as I can from this training first?” “Maybe I can reach the goals I’ve set through this free training instead of paying the $10K?”

The conversations in my mind lasted about 15 minutes. At which point I laughed and realized the decision was simple. Would investing $10K and working with a coach OR doing self-study help me get the results I want? And which one would be faster? Which more effective?

The answer without hesitation is coaching. So even though I could have possibly seen some results trying to do things myself – I knew from experience – that being penny wise, pound foolish is no way to grow a business.

Investing In Yourself

The more you invest in yourself and your business the more growth you’ll see. People sometimes wonder why some people are so successful while others aren’t? When you look around at the most successful business owners, experts and consultants the reason is clear – they don’t go it alone.

They surround themselves with others that are more successful than they are. They don’t try to reinvent the wheel themselves. Instead, they learn from those that have achieved what they are working towards. Then then add commitment, dedication and an abundance of action taking to the mix. The recipe for success is there. It’s yours for the taking.

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