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Why Some Consultants Are More Successful Than Others

Let’s talk about coaching for consultants.

Before we do, let me ask you a question: Name for me one Olympic athlete who has reached that level of skill and proficiency without having a coach?

Name for me one world-class chess player who has never been mentored or coached by a chess master, or a singer that has sold millions of albums who has never been coached to perfect their tune, their pitch and their singing abilities.


You’ll have a hard time doing so and that’s for a good reason. The vast majority if not all of the most successful people in any given industry don’t get there alone.

Secret of the Most Successful

It’s not because they aren’t smart. It’s not because they aren’t good or they don’t have skills. It’s because they realize that there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You know what you know.

Within a couple of months of working with that coach, my business had increased revenue by about $5000 per month.

The model that you’re using right now in your business has got you to the place that you’re at, at this exact time.

If you want to go to the next level, if you want to achieve greater success, simply doing what you’re currently isn’t going to get you there.

My Past Experience

I remember the first time, even before actually I started working with a coach to help me to grow my business, I was struggling.

The results that I was seeing were less than ideal, we can say.

I was generating some revenues and income but it wasn’t growing the business at the pace that I wanted to.

I wasn’t able to attract the amount of clients that I wanted to, or to earn the types of fees that I wanted to.

The types of products and services that we were offering at that time, many years ago, weren’t where I wanted them to be.

Seeing What Sticks

I was trying all different kinds of things – listening to podcasts and interviews and reading books, I was gathering a lot of information – but none of that information was necessarily ideal for my specific situation, and so I was struggling.

I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. Instead, I made a decision…

Back-to-Back Coaches

That was to seek out a coach, someone who really understood my market, who understood what I was going through and that had a proven track record in helping people like myself at that time to get to where I wanted to go.

Within a couple of months of working with that coach, my business had increased revenue by about $5000 per month.

I had to invest thousands of dollars to work with that coach but it became a very positive ROI.

Even beyond that, you must recognize that success in coaching isn’t only about the coach. It’s also about you.

The second coach that I worked with, I saw even greater success. As I worked with him, within a matter of weeks, I was able increase our company’s revenue by an additional $20,000 per month.

It wasn’t that they were sharing information that maybe I didn’t know – maybe I did know the information, in my subconscious.

But the way that they showed me a new model, a new approach and did it with such clarity was something that I could grasp and something that I was able to implement very quickly into my own business and see that $20,000 a month growth within weeks.

As I continued to work with that coach, within several months we had increased our revenues by about $35,000 additional each and every month.

The third coach that I worked with required for me to make a five-figure investment yet we were able to achieve a 210% ROI on that investment also within a matter of a couple of months.

Get a Positive ROI Every time

Every coach that I have worked with, I have been able to achieve success but there’s two parts to this and it’s really important that you recognize these two parts because coaching is not just about the coach.

Yes, that is critical. You want to find someone who has been or is where you want to get to and is going through what you’re going through so they can understand your situation.

Someone who really does truly have the expertise that you want to reach and understands the marketplace, and so forth.

Even beyond that, you must recognize that success in coaching isn’t only about the coach. It’s also about you.

YOU Control Your Success

You need to be ready to make a commitment to take action.

A coach can share with you all kinds of information – the latest models, the strategies – they can show you how to get from A to B, how to connect the dots, how to go from where you are to go to that next level.

But if you’re not prepared to take action on that, to implement, to work hard at it and to commit to it, you’ll have a hard time seeing success.

The flipside of that and the reason why I continue to invest in more and more coaches both for myself and my business, and the reason why I’m excited to invest tens of thousands of dollars each and every year into working with coaches is because I know that every time I make an investment in coaching, I will earn significantly more back.

I will achieve a positive ROI. But I have to have those two things. I have to have the right coach and I have to be ready to make that commitment to take action.

Now Is Your Time

That’s why I’m excited because I know that every time that I do that I will be able to grow our business, to become more proficient and skilled, to achieve excellence and become a master in the area that I want to master, that I want to excel in.

You also have that opportunity. If right now you would like to improve in some area of your business or in your life, you can.

That’s the exciting thing. The only reason why you won’t achieve the level of success that you want is because of you.

You have the choice and the ability to reach out, to find someone that can help you in whatever area you want in your life. It can be relationships. It can be fitness, health or your business.

Want to Attract More Consulting Clients?

I want to invite you. If you’re a consultant and you’d like to learn a proven process to consistently attract your ideal clients and significantly increase your fees while really positioning yourself as an expert and authority in your marketplace, then you may be interested in my Marketing for Consultants Coaching Program.

This is where I work personally with you to share with you and help you to set up a system for your marketing in your own business that’s personalized and customized to your industry and to your strengths.

I’ll share with you that same process that in the last 12 months alone consultants that I’ve coached have been able to add $4.63 million in new client business for them.

I want to encourage you. If you’re at that stage right now where you’re looking for someone who can help you, that understands the consulting marketplace and has a proven process that you can plug into your business, then reach out and get in touch.

Coaching Is Two-Way

Recognize that coaching is two-way. It’s a two-way scenario. You must be prepared to make the investment not only financially but also in terms of your commitment to taking action and to be ready to implement.

Also, realize that whatever area in your life or your business you want to improve on, the longer that you take to think about it, the longer that you delay taking that action and seeking someone out that can help you, the more money or time, relationships – whatever it is that you are losing – there is cost to not taking action.

That’s why the minute that you recognize that you want to see greater growth in your business, increase your income, land more clients – whatever it might be in your specific situation – the longer that you wait to take action on that the more opportunity that you are losing.

The longer that it will actually then take you to see results.

The sooner that you start, the sooner that you commit to excellence and seek out a coach who can help you to get there, whoever it may be, the sooner you will actually be able to start benefiting from that.


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