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Here’s a consulting question I received as part of the “Ask Michael” series:


I started my own one man consulting company a year ago and have had some good early success. My question deals with how I would go about finding consulting organizations who bring people on board in a freelance or contract role?


Stan “

Stan, it sounds like you’re looking to create strategic alliances with other organizations.

The best approach to this is to do your research and find larger consulting firms that do exactly what you’re looking for.

There are a few things you should keep in mind however. If your goal is to make this your client acquisition strategy (CAS) it’s not the best route to go usually.

I’d suggest that you have your own clear CAS that is working for you. And to supplement that with strategic alliances and referrals.

The other issue is that you’ll typically make less working as a ‘hired’ consultant for a consulting firm compared to working directly with the end client/buyer as they’ll take a cut of what they are billing you out for.


Develop a predictable
pipeline of clients.

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