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You Are A Consultant. But Are You A Professional?

Today I had a meeting with a real estate agent. I left my office, strolled in the sun down a couple of blocks to a local coffee shop where we planned to meet at 1:30pm.

We’ve met several times before and when my watch hit 1:35pm I had a feeling the meeting wasn’t going to go according to plan.

I Knew What to Expect From This Guy
You see, I’ve met with this guy several times before. He’s always punctual and courteous. So I grabbed an Americano, sat back in the outdoor patio and almost burned my mouth on the steaming coffee …

A few minutes later I pulled out my cell phone and gave the guy a ring. One ring and he picked up. He said, “Michael … oh my god, sh*t *#*! I’m so sorry. I thought I emailed you to push back our meeting, I’m tied up with a bit of an emergency…”

He felt bad, I told him no sweat as I was craving a cup of java and needed the fresh air and that I’d be in touch to find another time that worked.

However, the story doesn’t end here …

This Guys Going Places
A couple of hours later he calls me up and says, “Hey Michael, I just wanted to call and tell you how sorry I am. I really messed up and thought I’d emailed you earlier. I feel horrible, can we set another time to meet…”

This guy’s good. He’s going places.

While he did mess up he’s doing a good job of cleaning up.

Over the years I’ve encountered countless other ‘professionals’ (at least that’s what they call themselves) that make meetings, forget to show up to them or show up so late I waive goodbye to them as they arrive while I’m speeding off to my next meeting.

These people never wipe up their mess. They don’t even attempt to. They may say ‘sorry’ but you can tell they don’t mean it.

Forget the Acronyms and Paper…This Is What Counts
Listen, you can have a fancy education, a wall full of certificates and 23,000 Twitter followers … but if you don’t handle yourself professionally you’ll never see the true potential that your business could enjoy.

When prospective clients compare you to other consultants offering similar services your level of professionalism is far more important than your fee or the logo on your business card.

Ask yourself, do I follow through on my promises, meet deadlines, show up when I say I will, and handle all my communications the way a real professional would?

If you can say yes to all of that, great job! If you’re hesitating on any of them, work on improving it, your business and your bank account will thank you.


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5 thoughts on “You Are A Consultant. But Are You A Professional?

  1. so true, the loss of a client is huge when there isn’t the appropriate follow up.

    • Lois, thanks for the comment. Follow up really is undervalued and such a powerful tool.

  2. Alex says:

    Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how important simple manners can be. Little things like phone calls and apologies can make all the difference when choosing a client. Great article, and great point…

  3. I am very prompt. And so I hate time wasting. I hope people would just respect other people's time or would not try to attend to so much that they don't give you ample time.

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