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Your Public Relations Media Plan

As you work through your overall publicity and consulting marketing plans make sure to capitalize and focus on media attention. Publicity should enhance your consultancy’s name and product recognition. Prospective clients might not remember the content of your exact message, but if done properly they will recognize your brand and company name which will in help you out in your maketing efforts.

The best publicity is often the publicity that emerges through an effort to return positive contributions to the community. Consultants who are active in the community meet prospective clients who are likewise engaged. Community involvement is a positive form of publicity that places your consultancy in the center of many activities.

This is just one example of how a public relations campaign can generate potential clients, expand your marketing networks and build your reputation in the industry. Whatever publicity efforts you exert, make sure they are focused and inside your realm of expertise. Like all parts of your marketing campaign, leads are the measure of your success. Always remember that first impressions last a long time. Every public appearance whether it be in person or in writing is considered a first impression.

Be the Consulting Expert
The media, bloggers, and press deal with consultants because they offer fresh, creditable opinions and because these positions are founded upon their expertise. What these professionals don’t  like are fictitious facts or elongated explanations. You should always display outstanding communication skills in both the written and spoken word – and know what you’re talking about.

Remember that you are not selling an opinion, you are conveying your considered view. If necessary, be prepared to substantiate your viewpoint. Consultants are used to explaining their views to clients, but explaining to the public requires different techniques. Be prepared to educate the media and the public about industry terminology and concepts.

Your Opinions are Out in Public
Once your media message is on the table, you cannot remove it. Your viewpoint may be scrutinized by the media so make sure the media contact really understands your message. If publicity will be part of your marketing campaign, you may want to develop and perfect a media presentation package.

Consultants should have a carefully prepared media kit and may want to take a public speaking refresher course. Additionally, consultants must work the media and develop reliable, trustworthy media contacts. Stay in touch with these contacts and keep them informed about your activities and projects.

Make sure to capitalize on every publicity event. Post written articles throughout your internet venues and provide links to your interviews and press releases. If you can apply some of these simple public relations tips when promoting and dealing with publicity for your consultancy you’ll be in good shoes!


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  1. Superb post! You’ve discussed essential matters on plotting public relations media plan. The primary goal is to publish media release on the right dates. Timing is very important especially if you want your media release to be effective.

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