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A Warning To Those Choosing Money Over Love

By Michael Zipursky

Should you choose money over love?

I’ve had several conversations with business owners in the last few weeks, and there’s a dangerous common theme that keeps coming up.

Both those who have ‘made it’ and run successful businesses — as well as those just getting started — are gambling with their most precious resource: their time.

It’s about creating a lifestyle that gives you the freedom (and time) to do what you want (by yourself or with loved ones) while making a positive and valuable impact on your clients, customers and community.

They choose to spend their time locked in their business.

“But Michael, I’m doing it for my kids and my family. I need to have more money.” 

They’re not playing smart. They’re playing by someone else’s rules — not their own which they can create.

If you’re spending more time away from your loved ones because you think that’s the only way to provide for them, think again.

Ask yourself…

When the unexpected happens, what will you tell yourself? Will you still believe your current story?

Will it still have made sense to neglect the time you could have had with your family?

Will the extra dollars in your bank account justify your choices?

Or will you regret those dollars for the time they took away from you spending it with your loved ones?

I’m not suggesting that you don’t work hard. Hard work and a great commitment of time are requirements at certain stages of your business.

But I do believe finding the right balance NOW is far better than waiting for SOMEDAY and the PERFECT FUTURE to occur.

Start doing now what you ultimately want to do later.

Have you ever heard someone approaching their final days say I wish I had made more money in my bank account?or “I wish I chose money over love.” 

Isn’t it more common to hear “I wish I spent more time with my family?”, “I wish I loved and treasured my spouse or kids more?”, or “I wish I could have done these things with my family or friends.”

Why wish?

Why put things off?

Building a successful business isn’t about having a “successful business.”

It’s about creating a lifestyle that gives you the freedom (and time) to do what you want (by yourself or with loved ones) while making a positive and valuable impact on your clients, customers, and community.

“We know this is going to take long-term. Now that Mike clarified what he originally had asked me opening up this principal was yes, I agree. In our earlier years, we did jump around a lot from business to business. We had some good successes, but we would often leave them even before they realized their full potential. With Consulting Success®, it’s nine or ten years deep at this point. We’re not planning to abandon it anytime soon. It’s a long-term lifelong vision of creating the platform and training for consultants. That’s a big lofty goal. We know we’re going to do it but we also know it’s going to take a lot of time and we’re going to be spending that time and having fun along the way. That’s what these principles are all about. It’s a long-term commitment to build a good business, a good life, a good body, a good relationship, and a good family. We know this now.”

—Sam Zipursky, Co-Founder at Consulting Success®, Our 10 Guiding Principles: Inside Our Consulting Business And Life

should you choose money over love business principles

Here’s what it comes down to and what I believe…

If you’re true to yourself and recognize that you’re playing with someone else’s rules, you’ll realize that you’re delaying what you truly want.

You’re creating “reasons” (i.e. excuses) — but realize that YOU ARE MAKING A CHOICE.

It’s your choice. Your business. Your life. You get to choose how you spend it.

What you do with it. What impact you want to make. What value you want to create. Who you’ll serve. Who you’ll love.

There are many things we can’t control in life. But these we can.

It’s your choice. You make the rules.

You can play someone else’s cards — or, you can play your own.

You don’t have to choose money over love.

If this message resonates with you — or will benefit someone you know — please share it.

With love,
Michael Zipursky

23 thoughts on “A Warning To Those Choosing Money Over Love

  1. Simon says:

    Great article Michael, thank you! As Deepak Chopra said “When you make a choice, you change the future” …

  2. Busi says:

    The timing of this powerful message could not have been more perfect. Thank you!

  3. Bill Quinn says:

    Thanks Michael, I spent 13 years in a family business thinking that my family would benefit from the income. My daughter told me 2 years ago that she didn’t care about the money, I never had any time for her was what mattered.

    • Thanks for sharing Bill! Yes, we often think we are doing it for others, but really we’re fooling ourselves. Important to have our priorities aligned.

  4. Erno Jancso says:

    Nice article about small and medium size consulting businesses. I founded my company 14 years ago, and I still working 11 hours/weekday and I see as my children has already growned up, and in 3-5 fives they will leave probably the family.

  5. Elliot Begoun says:

    Such wise and important words. It is so easy to fall into the trap of work first. I love what I do, it is my passion and hobby. It will, however, never be in front of the love for my family and the time we get to spent together. Thanks for the great reminder.

  6. Andreas Dittrich says:

    Michael, I absolutely agree. We work to live instead of live to work. And after all: there is a life before death.

  7. Matt says:

    Thanks for resending it. I had never seen this article before but it is good.

  8. Henry Dittmer says:

    “Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.” – Unknown

  9. Judson Bartels says:

    Excellent, thank you for this

  10. XclusiV Store says:

    Spent yrs building my business and buying properties. Took my family to almost destroy it with laziness and greed… would choose the money over family except probably my mom.. Honestly the stress made me blind temporarily… family can kill u. Smh

  11. Thank you, Michael! I agree with your sentiments wholeheartedly. I live alone, but I value most my relationships with family and friends. Your message reminded me of wisdom shared by the late David O. McKay, “The home is the first and most effective place to learn the lessons of life… no other success can compensate for failure in the home.”

    • My pleasure Darla and I’m really happy to hear this resonates with you : )

  12. Many stories to tell but it is true, do not work hard and long hours all the time if you have a family. You are just exchanging one for the other. When your kids grow up you don’t even know them. Goole up a song by Harry Chapman that puts words to this situation called “Cats in the Cradle” listen to the words. Goods luck on your business

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